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N++ accessing services

December 24, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sometimes you come up with solutions which are a thing of pure beauty and elegance. Im falling in love with the simplicity of my N++ programming language, it’s robust boundaries which creates a situation where errors are quickly identified and dealt with.

Below is the syntax for using a web-service. Notice that setting up an WSDL endpoint is no more difficult than setting up a stdout pipe (command-line output).

program("service_test") {

  handshake {

    input { 
      /* Consume WSDL Web-Service Endpoint */
      service1 @ service("http://www.test.com/SOAP/myService/WSDL/", serviceType:SoapService);

    output {
        myProcess @ process("self");
        stdio @ pipe("stdout");

  /* Execute RPC call */
  execute (stdio,service1)  {
    stdio:writeln("Calling webservice");
    execute (*)  {
      var int32 result = 0;
      set result = service1:getUserId("quartex","secret");
      stdio:writelnF("UserID on server={0}", result);
    } fail (e) {
      stdio.writelnF("Calling soap service failed: {0}",e);

  /* Exit code for process */
  set myProcess:exitCode = 0;

For those of you interested in creating programming languages, I hope this wet’s your appetite to learn N++. At the moment the proof-of-concept is being written in Smart Pascal for nodeJS, but a native version running on Linux, Unix, Windows and OS X is the final product.

N++ is free to use. It is not open-source but created as a non-profit language which will be managed through an organization (more or less identical to php, perl and python).

To date, it’s the only language which is fully service oriented from the ground up.

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