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December 16, 2014 11 comments

Well I guess congratulations are in order – we, the object pascal community now have our very own job service! Today I bought the software, database and hosting solution, which means that in a matter of days you will be able to visit and register as either employer or developer!

The service is global, meaning that it can be used by anyone, be they European, American, from the Middle-East, Africa or Asia. The server was setup yesterday (16 december), the DNS pointer is being set today, add a couple of days tuning, and it will be online

Welcome to the #1 site online for Delphi work

Welcome to the #1 site online for Delphi work

To date I only know of a single website which promotes Delphi jobs, somewhere in France, so for all means and purposes will be the #1 site for object-pascal developers to look for work; and for companies to find serious employees with a solid background in pascal software development.

Features for developers

You will be happy to know that you can both upload your resume (or create one directly on-site), and also connect to your linked-in profile. This should be a great time-saver. Personally I hate having to fill out the same CV on X number of websites. Well, if you already have a nice linked-in profile you can import that.

Video presentations are likewise possible, but I have yet to decide if this should be allowed due to storage concerns.

In short: all the features you would expect from a professional job portal is in place.

  • Upload resume files
  • Linked-In support
  • Great search functionality
  • Online CV builder
  • Video presentation
  • Recommendations
  • Email notification
  • Very reasonable registration fees (one time only)
  • Mobile app (in progress)
  • .. and more

I will also write articles about remote-work, what you need and what you should expect when applying for positions in Norway and Scandinavia at large. Similar articles will be provided for North-America, the Middle-East (Dubai) and Asia.

Features for Employers

  • Option for making your position features (front side spot)
  • Head-hunting services
  • Very reasonable fees (access subscription options).
  • Full access to our database of registered developers
  • Developer Feedback option
  • Email notification
  • .. and more

Your support

I hope I have your support in this endeavor, that you will take the time to register with the service and use it. While you may have a steady job right now, you might be open for weekend work? Perhaps your life will change in six months and you will be looking for a new job. It makes sense to register, both for the community and yourself.

There are thousands of companies, both large and small, using Delphi on a daily basis around the world, sadly each of them live on their own ant-hill and have for some reason stopped talking to each other. Well, let’s get organized and start talking again. And like all great things in life, it begins with someone backing their ideas with action.

Investing in object pascal

As mentioned there are thousands of companies involved with Delphi around the globe. Many of them are maintaining legacy systems, many of them are developing new products – while others express insecurity if Delphi is worth investing in. Now one of the factors which has led to such thinking, has to do with visibility of Delphi (read: object pascal in all it’s forms) in the marketplace and more importantly: the availability of professional Delphi programmers.

Delphi and object-pascal in general has no “official” organ which takes care of promotion and/or open job positions. As a result people have no clue where to look, and end up using local newspapers or recruitment agencies. Until now there havent been a place where employers could reach out to find quality personnel fluent in Delphi. But what they do find are portals dedicated to Java, C#, even PHP and Ruby jobs.

As an example, the company I work for which is one of the biggest in Norway, have spent months trying to find a high-quality Delphi developer for their POS department. It took me less than 2 days to get them 20+ CV’s from professional Delphi programmers. Why? Because I know where to look. I also run Delphi Developer on Facebook with more than 2.600 active members, which I built exactly for that purpose: to get active people talking and working together.

So both employers and developers are there, in the thousands — we just need to connect them.


Jon Lennart Aasenden