Torro Invoice

Torro Invoice is a straight to the point, simple and intuitive billing and invoice management program. Designed specifically for small to medium companies with roughly 10.000 – 100.000 credit sales per year. The application is written for the Norwegian marked and follows the Norwegian laws of financial conduct.

Torro Invoice

Torro Invoice

Built-in database engine

With Torro you are not limited to a single register (database) but can create as many registers as you like. When creating a new register you can import customer, supplier and invoice ID’s from a previous register – or start fresh with a blank database.

Also, the database engine itself is built into the program – so you never have to worry about drivers and database connections. Just start the executable and it takes care of everything.


Besides ordinary billing and invoice printing (adapted to standard Scandinavian billing paper), Torro also takes care or reminders and foreclosure of payments. Torro automatically calculates interest-rates for reminders and costs for due payments automatically.

Creating an invoice is very simple, with keyboard combinations and auto-complete to make the process as intuitive as possible.

Creating an invoice is intuitive and simple

Creating an invoice is intuitive and simple

Discount groups

By defining discount groups you can give your best customers a special discount without having to manually calculate the percent rates.

Customer discount groups

Customer discount groups

 Easy access to common functions

The product supports several reports, local and global search, keypad access – and live calculation of total earnings and vat. Reminders and foreclosure (inkasso) management is also supported.

Torro is a commercial product which will soon be available for purchase