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Byterage is an object pascal class library designed to remove some of the limitations of streams, as well as simplify memory allocation and manipulation. It provides an abstract baseclass with storage agnostic mechanisms for allocating, scaling, inserting, removing and otherwise manipulate a data buffer. In other words, the same API applies to both memory, disk and stream storage. Hosted on google code.


pixelrage PXR is a slim, easy to use and innovative graphics library that represents a foundation for further, more advanced libraries. As such PXR does not implement everything under the sun, but aims to provide a rock-solid basis that can be easily extended. By default the unit implements a RAW surface, which is basically a surface held in RAM without any device context. It also provides a Windows DIB implementation that does have a context and can thus be used with blitting and Delphi canvas operations. Hosted on google code.


Like the other projects in the “rage” family, filerage offers an abstract core class which provides a device agnostic foundation for file IO. Derived from this baseclass are implementations that allows you to work with files using a unified API regardless of where they are physically stored (local filesystem, zip archive, FTP server, network drive, mapped [non visible] network path and more. Filerage comes with adapters for Remobjects Remoting Framework but runs faster visa its own “to the metal” remoting system.

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