You have reached the personal website of Jon Lennart Aasenden. An unorthodox, hyper creative and at times passionate software developer. My computing background is varied among many types of projects. I am initially self-taught and began my programming adventure on the ancient ZX-81 at the age of 10.

For me, being self-taught truly is a great advantage, because I’m used to figuring things out and solving problems outside the box. I later decided to take formal education as a programmer, but was offered a job as a teacher.

Background and expertise

My list of projects and areas of expertise are varied but they all revolve around object pascal, which is my programming language of preference (although I can gladly work in C# or anything else you can throw at me).

I have formal education as a Microsoft Certified Developer. I also certified as a Borland Delphi developer.

Most of my work rotate around large-scale Microsoft Windows services, processing terabytes of data in a broad variety of forms.

For a list of projects, please see my products page

Present activities

RO-Single-Gear-512I am presently working for RemObjects Software. We produce cutting edge compilers, frameworks and components for a variety of languages.

Prior to starting at RemObjects I used their products for some 14 years, which is also why I really wanted to work there; I knew the quality and attention to detail the company represents.

Welcome to my personal blog!