famYou have reached the personal website of Jon Lennart Aasenden. An unorthodox, hyper creative and at times passionate software developer. My computing background is varied among many types of projects. I am initially self-taught and began my programming adventure on the now ancient ZX-81 at the age of 10.

For me, being self-taught truly is a great advantage, because I’m used to figuring things out and solving problems outside the box. I later decided to take formal education as a programmer, but was offered a job as a teacher.

Background and expertise

My list of projects and areas of expertise are varied but they all revolve around Object Pascal, which is my programming language of preference (although I can gladly work in C# or anything else you can throw at me).

I have formal education as an artist (painter and drawing) as well a software developer (Microsoft certified developer), but my main interest has always been Delphi. So far I have been extremely lucky to make a living from my innovative Delphi creations, written from scratch using nothing but object pascal.

Most of my work rotate around large-scale Microsoft Windows services, processing terabytes of data in a broad variety of forms. I have also created and published my own invoicing system (Norwegian only), architected an objective database engine, created a pascal compiler, designed an RTL from scratch, made a desktop search engine – and a cloud backup system  (www.jotta.no).

For a list of projects, please see my products page

Present activities

MVP_Logo_200x200There is little doubt where my interest, passion and expertise is. It resides with object pascal in all its forms. I am a certified Delphi expert and a registered Embarcadero MVP.

I have worked for both Embarcadero and RemObjects over the past couple of years. My latest work is the Quartex Media Desktop. A platform independent desktop and service ecosystem that runs completely on node.js and HTML5. This project has taken more than 2 years to develop, mainly because I had to create the development tools to make it possible in the first place.


Quartex Media Desktop

Get in touch

Cash is king. If you want an average program, hire an average programmer. If you want an awesome program, send me an email.