Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha

Pantha Rhei is an old greek saying, quoted by Plato and attributed to Heraclitus. In the common tongue it simply means “all things change” or “all things are in perpetual motion”. Which is one of the first observations a human being makes when he sits down quietly in the forest. That glorious moment when we look without adding to or subtracting from what we see. Because this adding and subtracting is what produces context, the mother of grief. For her womb is the space where value come into being. And with values comes desire, for and against, love and hate, fear and arguments and all manner of suffering.

For without a context things have no purpose. Without purpose there is only wu-wei, natural knowledge, as the Taoist masters would say. But like the Buddha discovered, this empty space between occurring phenomena is in fact our true nature. All things change, but there is an emptiness that remains still. Enlightenment for a wave, is when it discovers that it is water

That, and a cup of coffee

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