Below is a list of products authored by me. A complete list would be to long, since I have been working as a programmer for 20+ years.

Smart Mobile Studio IDE

Smart Mobile Studio IDE

Smart Mobile Studio

Smart Mobile Studio is a complete integrated development environment for writing cutting edge HTML5 mobile applications. It ships with a fully fledged compiler capable of compiling Object Pascal into highly optimized and raw JavaScript.

To date there is no other technology on the marked that is capable of generating JavaScript of such high quality. Smart Mobile Studio brings true OOP to JavaScript, including classes, partial classes, interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism, virtual and abstract classes and methods – and much, much more.

This project was authored by me. I wrote the RTL and component library, as well as the first versions of the IDE. Eric Grange (who is the maintainer of DWScript) wrote the code generator. This is a commercial project located at:


Raptor Invoice

Torro Invoice

Torro Invoice

Torro Invoice is a simple, intuitive invoice and credit management program. Perfectly suited for companies working with credit sales. The application is written for the Norwegian marked and follows the Norwegian laws of financial conduct.

The product supports several reports, local and global search, keypad access – and live calculation of total earnings and vat. Reminders and foreclosure (inkasso) management is also supported.

You are not limited to a single register but can create as many databases as you like. Perfect for small businesses or individuals working as consultants where multiple employers and company’s are involved. This project was authored by me.


Generate up to 10.000 keys per root key

Generate up to 10.000 keys per root key

Hexlicense license management for Delphi

Our components are all about generating serial numbers, validation and management of trial periods from within your Delphi application. How you store the license data (file and registry storage components ship with the package) is up to you. If you want to handle the license data yourself, just drop a THexOwnerLicenseStorage component and take charge via the event handlers.

The Hex License Package is written in pure object pascal, no assembler or external libraries are used in the codebase. It is compatible with Delphi 7 through XE5, both 32 and 64 bit. The package is designed to be platform independent. A Firemonkey edition is planned for the third quarter of 2014.

This is a commercial product which can be bought here:


Plaintext indented log session

Plaintext indented log session

Hexlog application logfile package

No matter what typie of application you are writing, keeping track of actions and errors in a logfile is paramount. Hexlog is a set of components that makes it extremely easy to generate and output logfiles in a variety of formats.

The component package completely abstracts the log messages from the file-formats, so you can choose between popular file-formats like JSON, XML, RTF and HTML (besides the more common plain-text writer) without altering your code.

Besides abstracting the write-format of the logfiles, the target storage is likewise abstract. So if you can write to a memory buffer or a disk file. Expanding on the idea (logging to a zipfile or a like web-server) is easy enough, with a simple and straight forward interface for implementation.

In short: Hexlog takes care of all the details and by just setting a couple of options, information like machine-name, user-name, local IP and other technical jargon is automatically written to the logfile.

A single logfile can contain either a single or multiple log-sessions.