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Pixelrage released on google code

My personal graphics library, Pixelrage, was today released into the wild on google code

About Pixelrage

PXR is a slim, easy to use and innovative graphics library that represents a foundation for further, more advanced libraries. As such SL does not implement everything under the sun, but aims to provide a rock-solid basis that can be easily extended. By default the unit implements a RAW surface, which is basically a surface held in RAM without any device context. It also provides a Windows DIB implementation that does have a context and can thus be used with blitting and Delphi canvas operations.

PXR is not about the latest cool feature. It is about providing a platform independent foundation, assembly free, that other more advanced libraries can be based.


  • 8, 15, 16, 24 and 32 bit pixelbuffers
  • Fast native blitter between pixel formats (e.g copy from 32bpp -> 8bpp)
  • Palette handling
  • Clipping
  • Basic primitives (circle, ellipse, rectangle)
  • Fill mechanism
  • Alpha blending
  • Transparency
  • DIB implementation
  • UNI implementation


As a part of the “rage” group of projects, pixelrage depends on byterage for memory manipulation.

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