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Embarcadero blacklisting again

Bring it on!

What goes around…

Embarcadero is.. (trying to find the words for it here): like a really, really bad friend.
You know, then guy that is always your friend if you have money – but never your friend when it’s time to pay back? “You take this round” he says, but he always leaves before it’s his turn. The kind of friend that says “hi!” when you meet him on your own, but pretend he doesn’t know you when he is with someone he think is important.

I remember guys like that from high-school. I also remember beating the crap out of those at one point. What does a bully do? This:

I just learned that +Embarcadero Technologies didn’t want us to do a talk about
Smart Mobile Studio during the upcoming Dutch PasCon event.
Something about a “competing product”.
Seriously!  EMB doesn’t even have a client-side web-dev tool in their portfolio! 

Apparently they see me and the pascal consortium as a threat — You dont say?!  Wow!  No we have been plotting for your resurrection and taking crap for 5 years just for fun!

In the words of shakespear: “Oh ye retched coward!”

It really must suck to know, that you managed to turn one of your most loyal group of people, absolute borland nazi to the bone — those that supported you when you were down for the count with everyone against you — into your worst enemy, just by being a complete selfish ass-hat. I will crack every version of Delphi from now to kingdom come just to make sure you lose money. Out of pure spite. Pure anger.


Think your silly 16 wheel cipher is going to bolt quartex? What’s next, apple like certificates.. yeah thats really hard to crack (lol!). Took me at least an hour… Yet your product is the first download on the torrent, with my horn in your side, until you are nothing but a wikipedia entry.

Karma, ain’t it a bitch

If you honestly think that Smart Mobile Studio is a threat – consider my earlier blog posts when i outlined not just the idea, but also posted progress reports on a weekly basis – publicly for all to see (with people from embarcadero commenting, usually negative). I also put together a team to make it happen and spent 2 years of my life promoting, teaching and selling pascal as a language. I personally dont benefit from this. All I wanted to do was to save our jobs as Delphi developers and promote pascal, because it is a better language than C#, Java and Objective C. And I also have a loyalty to the company that made Delphi since it has put food on my table for the past decade.

I have sent 3 proposals to you regarding what you should to do make Delphi and object pascal more mainstream, all of them good ideas with minimal cost and maximum benefits. You rejected them all. So finally I decided to build it myself… and now you blacklist our work and treat us like enemies.

So be it. Friend no more.

With friends like you … who needs enemas

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