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Coders and health in dire times

Below is a post I made on Facebook a while back that might be beneficial for people looking to boost their health or the body’s natural ability to defend itself. I am not a health specialist by any stretch of the imagination, but I have found a few things that have made a tremendous impact on my health over the years. Hopefully they can be as beneficial to others as they have for me.

I have experienced one life threatening, and one life changing situation in the past 20 years. The first was back in 2008 when I almost died of blood poisoning (overworked, immune system flat, caught pneumonia and a normal bacteria from my throat found its way into my bloodstream through my lungs). I was initially declared dead since i had no measurable pulse, but they managed to bring me back, but an inch away from death.

The life changing episode was when I slipped and fell down a flight of stairs while carrying a washing machine, severely injuring my spine in two places in 2013. With permanent nerve damage as a result (essentially it feels like being stabbed with a knife 24/7). It has taken 7 years to recover and learn to live with that injury. I evolved a regiment of tibetan based yoga and herbs that, combined, allows me to function without pain.

I get extremely upset when I see these new-age, mumbo-jumbo companies trying to capitalize on the present situation; selling so called miracle cures for the Corona Virus. It is an insult to those that have died from it, and it undermines both western and eastern medicine. It is an incredibly irresponsible and heartless thing to do.

There are plants that can help strengthen your body’s natural capacity to fight off infections, provide better stamina and clarity of mind – which is what my focus is on here. But under no circumstances does a miracle herb exist.

My post here is meant purely as a positive suggestion based on my experience, nothing more. Always check herbs properly, and make sure you use qualified sources when evaluating.

Note: ALWAYS consult your doctor before taking any supplements whatsoever. The ones I mention here are harmless if used properly (and have been used for thousands of years), but you must always treat potent medicinal plants with respect.

Post from Facebook

natural-health-practitioner-mallorcaA friend of mine asked me how on earth I managed to survive my spinal injury. In the immediate years after the accident the doctors pump you full of various medication, mostly painkillers, which has a terrible effect on both body and mind. A lot of people never recover from such an accident, and never get up. They end up entangled in a web of medication and pain, even after the injury itself has largely healed.

After the accident I was unable to walk for roughly 6 months. I was ripped before the accident with solid 2 hr workouts 5 days a week. After the accident, I was helplessly confined to bed. I even needed help to shower and go to the toilet (a terribly humbling experience).

But, instead of succumbing to fear and depression – I decided to spend my time putting all those alternative remedies to the test. I spent between $5000 and $6000 systematically testing every single so-called “miracle herb” I could find.

No such thing as a miracle herb

As I expected, 99% of them had absolutely no effect on my situation whatsoever. None.
Since I belong to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, I decided to seek advice from both the Hindu and Buddhist communities in the region (both schools of though have long traditions in natural medicine), and I was given a list of herbs to use. It took a couple of weeks for the herbs to arrive from India, but i’m glad they did – because out of all the claims out there, these actually had an immediate and very tangible effect on the body. I must admit I did not expect that after so much hum-buggery.

Out of those I tested that were available in local health stores, where one is imported from the US (Green Magma), only one other passed the test (and I tested almost 200 different herbs, mixtures and substances. As much as 90% of them were useless; at least compared to the claims made for their efficiency).


Never play around with herbs, always be careful and remember that they can have a tremendous effect on our bodies and mind. Always talk to your doctor first.

These are the only 4 that actually worked – and that provides stamina, energy, alertness and gives the body’s natural defenses a boost. And I mean this very literally. Within 20 minutes of eating GM (#4) my body went from being an acidic hell, into feeling strong and normal again.

  1. Ashwagandha (a tree bark)
  2. Shilajit (mineral substance from himalaya)
  3. Vita Biosa (herbs and digestive bacteria)
  4. Green Magma (green juice from barley leaves)

Lets have a quick look at each of them. They are easy enough to google, and all of these are easily available through Amazon (unless you have a dedicated Ayurvedic outlet locally).

Vita Biosa

Vita Biosa contains the good-kind of bacteria, minerals and food herbs we once had in our diet before we started machine processing. These are the bacteria, minerals and food herbs that our digestive system is supposed to house (our digestive system has not changed since before the last ice age, some 14000 years ago) – but which machine processing have largely eliminated.

For modern man, a teaspoon of this will make you sick for days if your not accustomed to it. Start with 1/3 teaspoon in water, then gradually work your way up to 1 teaspoon a day. These bacteria will eat all the nasty stuff that modern life leaves behind. I had a bleeding ulcer because of the heavy medication I was put on. It took only 5-6 days with Vita Biosa and the bleeding stopped. Two weeks and the body had healed itself (!).

Note: If you can, buy the one with a small fraction of St.John’s herb, this is the only herb that has a proven effect on liver cells (helps the liver re-generate). Vita Biosa is worth its weight in gold, and the effect on your digestive system (and by consequence: mood and alertness) is remarkable. I literally had no idea how much our gut affects our thoughts, emotions and energy levels.

Green Magma

Green Magma is a Japanese formula that was used after WW2, and it was used to treat patients affected by the devastating impact of nuclear war. Its core ingredient is green barley sprouts that is pressed and the juice is dried into a powder that you can mix with water (there is more to it than that, but that’s the gist of it).

It’s also one of the few herbs that the body will recognize as food. If you can’t find the energy to get up, or you feel like you are burning out -order this immediately. It also eliminates acidity which is often a side effect of western medication, stress and unhealthy diets.

Drinking a glass (1 ts in water) for a week or two is enough. You will notice when you don’t need it anymore (you won’t crave it).


Shilajit is a natural mineral substance that comes out of the ground in the Himalayas. It was noticed by researchers because the inhabitants in the region generally enjoyed longer lifespans than what is average in the west, and they don’t suffer as much sickness as we westerners do.

It smells horrible, tastes even worse — so order the gel-capped variations if you can. You will notice a boost in energy and overall vitality (relative to your current health of course). I couldn’t event check my mailbox without taking breaks after my accident, so I could feel the effect of these things very fast. And this is 100 times more potent than any vitamins you find at a pharmacy.


Ashwagandha is a tree bark and root. It is known for the stamina and energy it provides. It is used for healing in India, Tibet and parts of Asia.

It’s also used by older men who wants to conceive children in their golden years, so use this with caution and stick to the recommended dosage. This herb does wonders for the immune system, and it provides a great deal of mental clarity and calm under stress. It is used for a variety of illnesses, from arthritis to infections. This is a very potent adaptogen.

If I were to pick just two of these, I would pick Ashwagandha and Green Magma, those two have helped me through some of the worst challenges in my life.

The most effective was also the most affordable

The bonus is – these herbs are very cheap and available almost anywhere. When I first discovered them they were less known, but since that time knowledge of them has spread. You can now order all 4 of these combined via Amazon for less than $100. And they will do 1000 times more good than any new age miracle cure nonsense. These are herbs that will help you for a lifetime if you remember to take them regularly.

So if you are looking to help your body to defend itself, or some go-to herbs to help you cope with deadlines – then these are reliable and will serve you well. For me personally, they have been the difference between being able to function and work – or not functioning at all. They literally changed my life.

So instead of raiding your local pharmacy, buying 10.000 rolls of toilet paper, or letting scam-artists sell miracle cures that never works -get these 4 reliable herbs, make sure you read the recommended dosages (talk to your doctor first if you have a condition or take medication) and then safely and calmly stick to the quarantine plan.

Stay healthy and safe, and listen to your doctor!

  1. yogiyang007
    March 22, 2020 at 12:22 pm


    Thanks for the article. I really like it. You will probably help one such person (who I happen to know) who is suffering from various intolerance of GM (genetically modified) foods/grams like wheat, soya, sweet sorgam, etc.

    • March 22, 2020 at 2:06 pm

      Hopefully people will try them. They really do work, and its a go-to type toolkit that is very helpful. But, people seem to prefer panic :/

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