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Hydra now supports Freepascal and Java

In case you guys missed it, RemObjects Hydra 6.2 now supports FreePascal!

This means that you can now use forms and units from .net and Java from your Freepascal applications – and (drumroll) also mix and match between Delphi, .net, Java and FPC modules! So if you see something cool that Freepascal lacks, just slap it in a Hydra module and you can use it across language barriers.

I have used Hydra for years with Delphi, and being able to use .net forms and components in Delphi is pretty awesome. It’s also a great framework for building modular applications that are easier to manage.


Being able to tap into Freepascal is a great feature. Or the other way around, with Freepascal showing forms from Delphi, .net or Java.

For example, if you are moving to Freepascal, you can isolate the forms or controls that are not available under Freepascal in a Hydra module, and voila – you can gradually migrate.

If you are moving to Oxygene Pascal the same applies, you can implement the immediate logic under .net, and then import and use the parts that can’t easily be ported (or that you want to wait with).

The best of four worlds — You gotta love that!

Check out Hydra here:



  1. June 15, 2019 at 6:10 pm

    This could be a game changer for people looking to migrate away from Delphi, if FPC could meet their needs. Definitely good to see REMObjects support for FPC in general. Might also be a foundation on which Lazarus could develop a plugin architecture?

    • June 29, 2019 at 9:30 pm

      Freepascal is an extremely capable compiler and eco-system. There are a few oddities that makes it difficult to just adopt (coming from Delphi). The developers that makes the RTL are clearly from the C world, where they use the .pas units as “headers” and put the code in include files.
      This is a sort of “poor mans partial classes” where they swap out the inc-file based on what target you use.
      This makes it difficult to dig into the RTL (at least for me).

      But as a general product, FPC is one of the most advanced compilers out there. Even Embarcadero used FPC to gain access to iOS and Android before they themselves made a compiler. Ill take FPC over Delphi any day of the week if Linux and OS X is involved.

      Oxygene is my favorite though, it grabs the best from various dialects of object-pascal. I was negative earlier because i only thought it did .net, but when i realized what Elements was – i was completely sold.

      So more components for Oxygene and Lazarus, and there are game changes indeed

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