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20% discount on HexLicense!

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For a short time Quartex Components offer you the FMX, VCL and VJL package with a whopping $40 discount! That is a significant saving for a great product!

By acting now you gain full access to the classical component packages – as well as the next-generation licensing engine and platform:

Ironwood now supports Smart Pascal! The Delphi edition is just around the corner. Start using Hexlicense in Delphi today!

Ironwood now supports Smart Pascal! The Delphi update is just around the corner. Start using Hexlicense in Delphi today!

  • 12 month subscription
    • 4 updates guaranteed
  • Full source code
    • VCL version
    • FMX version
      • Windows
      • OS X
      • iOS
      • Android
    • JVL version (Smart)
      • All mobile platforms
      • HTML5 applications
      • Node.js client and server applications
  • Solid documentation
  • Easy to use and drop into existing projects
  • Ships with examples
  • Support via E-mail


ironwood2The next generation HexLicense formula and license generator is nicknamed “Ironwood”. This has been in the making for some time and is through the beta phase. It uses the absolute latest RTL for Smart – which will be in circulation within a 1 to 2 weeks (hopefully sooner!). So you are getting the absolute latest to play with – which is can be used by both visual and node.js projects.

By acting now you not only save money but you also get a great deal on our classical Delphi components. Most importantly however, is that the discount buys you access to the next generation components for Delphi as well. These will retail at a higher price when they hit the market.

Smart Pascal

With mobile application development taking place more and more through HTML5 and phonegap – not to mention that node.js is quickly becoming a market standard server-side, compilers that targets the JavaScript virtual machine is becoming increasingly important. Especially for traditional languages like Delphi and C++.

With access to Ironwood for Delphi and Smart Pascal, your existing VCL and FMX products can continue to function as they do right now – while you move your licensing mechanisms to the cost-effective, scalable and portable node.js platform.

Why pay huge amounts of money to rent a full virtual instance to host a native Delphi service – when you can do the exact same under node.js for but a fraction of the price? Not to mention the many benefits node brings to the table.

Discount covers all platforms!

discountThe offer gives you the entire system, including VCL, FMX and JVL editions. You also secure access to Ironwood for Delphi.

Again, this package will retail at a higher price and forms the basis of our future cloud based licensing services.

Hexlicense for Delphi can be dropped directly into existing projects, comes with a license generator application and is considered very easy to use.

By acting now you secure early access!

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Note: This is a time limited offer. Only the link above this text is valid for this discount.

To read more about HexLicense, head over to the website. You can also download the documentation which is substancial and covers everything.