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JavaScript resources for Delphi and Smart Pascal developers

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Just like knowing assembly programming gives Delphi and C++ developers that extra edge, so does knowing JavaScript for Smart Pascal.


JavaScript can be a frustrating language when coming from the safety and structured heaven of C++ builder or Delphi. JavaScript lack pretty much all the fundamental features of OOP, things Delphi and C++ builder users regard as “standard” and fundamental.

Thankfully there is a wealth of online resources for learning JavaScript. Most of them completely free of charge. You can learn at your own pace and as your insight into JavaScript grows, the more you will appreciate Smart Pascal.

JavaScript is one of those languages that everyone should just know. Even if you work purely in Delphi and write native websites (Webbroker, Websnap, Apache or IIS, Delphi and C++ builder has a lot to offer) knowing JavaScript will help you write better websites and more elegant solutions. So it’s not just a benefit for Smart Pascal, but for native Delphi as well.


This is a website I came across earlier but forgot to mention at the time. Rather than just dumping a ton of information lists in your lap, the author deals with each topic in a clear and straight-forward manner. His articles are also written in human form, so it has a bit of warmth to it (at least a lot better than W3Schools, which is primarily hard-core information). So head over to Quirksmode and have a look!


If you don’t own Smart Mobile Studio and just want to learn JavaScript on the side – you have a ton of options. Most JS developers have moved into Visual Studio or Sublime by now, but there is another, much better alternative (in my view) and that is a free IDE called Aptana.

For pure JS work, Aptana is my favorite. Smart Mobile Studio is created for pascal programming.

For pure JS work, Aptana is my favorite. Smart Mobile Studio is created for web applications in object pascal. Aptana is designed for classical web-pages and associated languages.

Aptana is my personal favorite outside of Smart Mobile Studio. It supports more than just JavaScript. If python is your thing then this is one of the better; same with ruby on rails, java and php. Aptana supports all of these out of the box – and there are plenty of plugin features around.

Note: If you are old enough to remember Homesite, which was the #1 HTML/JS editor some 15-18 years ago (today a part of the Adobe Dreamweaver family) then Aptana will be similar but much more advanced. Oh and Homesite was written in Delphi 🙂

Using Smart Pascal for free

Smart Mobile Studio is not just the compiler. The most time-consuming and consequently valuable part of Smart Mobile Studio, is the RTL control architecture, libraries and API’s that have taken years to establish. But you can download and use the command-line compiler without our RTL and ide, as long as you stick to some basic rules:

  • You cannot use it for commercial projects
  • It is illegal to use it in a competing product
  • It is forbidden to use in a production environment
  • And naturally you are not allowed to misrepresent or distribute copies

This is pretty much the same rules all companies apply to their product when aspects of it is distributed for free.

But for learning what the compiler does, enjoy oop and all the fancy things object pascal has to offer, well then you can start out with the command-line compiler and later upgrade to a commercial license.

Well, check out the resources and enjoy JavaScript!


  1. November 25, 2016 at 4:21 pm

    Codeacademy is a good resource as well. Not only for js, but for CSS as well.
    Learn to code interactively, for free

  2. Lightning
    December 7, 2016 at 5:18 pm

    GitHub’s Atom with the Facebook extensions is good, but the FB stuff doesn’t run nicely on Windows.

    Visual Studio Code is getting better all the time, it’s CrossPlatform, has integrated Node.js debugger, extensions, support for multiple languages, written in TypeScript .
    It uses Atom’s Electron with their online Monaco platform.
    VS Code is a real lightweight IDE without the RAD stuff.
    Unlike anything MS did before, it might be one of the few things they did right.

    After some experience and getting used to the old and the new JS ways, I am starting to seriously question the need for things like TS, even without Babel, etc.
    JS doesn’t need strong typing, it should all be optional, you have prototypical inheritance, composition, everything you need, getting better all the time.

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