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Try out HexLicense in your browser

October 9, 2016 Leave a comment

If you head over to you will find both the roadmap for 2016 and beyond – but also that you can now testdrive HexLicense in your browser (!) That is pretty cool if I say so myself.

In the browser?

HexLicense "Ironwood" engine under HTML5

HexLicense “Ironwood” engine under HTML5

Hexlicense consists of two parts: the first is the generation process where you mint license numbers. These numbers have some nifty criteria attached to them, like being able to verify that they have indeed been minted using a root-key,  that they evolve and mutate in a non-linear fashion and naturally: they should obfuscate as much as possible.

The second part is the validation process. This is where the customer inputs the serial number he received when he bought your software. Under Delphi you validate such keys inside your Delphi program via the THexLicense component. In the future you will be able to do this via the HexLicense server system as well, which makes is going to make your life as a developer a lot easier.

HexLicense for Smart Mobile Studio covers both aspects, so you can perform the minting and validation. The code is so universal that it will run on your node.js server, in your visual applications – most of the code is actually shared between Delphi and Smart Mobile Studio.

Note: The demo of HexLicense running in your browser is just for educational purposes. It demonstrates that Smart Mobile Studio is capable of some very nifty things. And it also demonstrates the speed and flexibility of HexLicense.