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Hexlicense 1.0.1 for VCL is shipping

October 4, 2016 Leave a comment

HexLicense v1.0.1 has now started shipping to customers! And hot on the heels of the VCL implementation comes the FMX version (due shortly).

HexLicense test running on Android [FMX]

HexLicense test running on Android [FMX]

The Android implementation passed all tests yesterday, with the iOS session due for thursday. So hopefully the FMX edition will ship at the beginning of next week.

Head over to and grab your copy while the 40% discount is on!

What up next?

While focus is on finalizing the FMX platform, the server edition is also being worked on.

You will be happy to know that it’s going to be a low-latency websocket client/server solution. This means your products can validate their licenses from HTML5, node.js, Delphi, FPC, C#, C++ or any language that supports ordinary websocket.

Two servers

Two versions of the server is planned: one native win32/64, and one node.js server written in Smart Mobile Studio. The native version uses the ZeosDB library giving you a rich set of options for what database you want to use. By default it uses sqlite which is more than enough for handling <500.000 licenses. However the pro edition will use mysql embedded for maximum performance.

The websocket prototype is already in the making

The websocket prototype is already in the making

The node.js edition enoys the full onslaught of node modules for data storage. Be it clound managed through Amazon or Azure – or a more humble, local sqlite database. You pick what is best for you and your product.

More ciphers, more encryption and more tools! Head over to hexlicense and check it out