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Amiga Reloaded, can I preorder?

September 1, 2016 14 comments

Without much fanfare some brilliant news made it into the retro-computing scene yesterday, namely that our german superheroes over at Individual Computers Gmbh has aquired the rights to the Commodore name.


A brand new C64 motherboard, still going after all that time

“The Amiga for me represent a whole timeline of computing history that was aborted, a timeline which, had it been allowed to continue, would have given the world a much better experience of computing”

Individual has been shipping their Commodore 64 replacement motherboard for some time, which apparently is a very popular product for people into the C64 scene. I would love to get my hands on it, but while I grew up on a c64 — my computing life basically started with the Commodore Amiga.

It just wont die

The Amiga home computer is paradox wrapped in an enigma. Its been out of production since the 90’s, parts cost more than a used car – yet thousands of people around the world use this (by todays standard) ancient computer platform daily.

So what is it about this computer that simply refuses to die? Why do people, young and old, love this 30 year old computer?

I can only speak for myself, but I think it has to do with the fact that the Amiga was murdered. That is how I feel anyways. It was in the prime of it’s life, and was killed and replaced by backwater, poorly made computers that didn’t deserve to win. So I think maybe, if im honest, its a classic case of martyrdom.

The Amiga for me represent a whole timeline of computing history that was aborted, a timeline which, had it been allowed to continue, would have given the world a much better experience of computing. Not to mention our capabilities as a race with regard to data processing in all avenues of life.


My Raspberry PI 3 Amiga is just fantastic!

I have never seen PC users get into a physical fist-fight over their pentiums; or AMD users bashing Intel users in the head — but I have seen Amiga users go head to head at copy parties, beating the living daylights out of each other. You can’t buy that level of dedication, it has to be earned. I don’t think any other computer enjoy a mass of users that actually love, in the true sense of the word, every inch of their platform.

But the Amiga does.

And those that grew up on the Amiga wont rest until it’s resurrected, which incidentally can now actually become a reality.

Amiga Reloaded

I sent an Email to Individual asking them about the Amiga 1200 and if it was a part of their plan. I mean, having now finally strangled the rights to the Commodore name from the hands of vultures.

I actually got chills when I read their reply:

The A1200 is also on the agenda, yes

I was supposed to get into bed before midnight, but by the time the mental storm had passed I found myself messing around in UAE at 3 o’clock in the morning!

What goodies could a dedicated hardware shop like individual Computers introduce in a new Amiga? In my mind the ultimate reloaded Amiga would be something like this:

  • FGPA running the show
  • Stuff AGA modes into the fpga core, pure chunky out!
  • A solid 512 megabyte of memory would be nice
  • HDMI out
  • USB for mouse
  • Sata port
  • WiFi on chip

The above list is just my hopes for what an A1200 Reloaded could look like. But to be perfectly honest I would be happy just being able to buy a slightly pumped up A1200 at a reasonable price. If nothing else than to stick it to the morons on ebay charging $6000 for an Amiga 1000 (its gotten way passed ridicules).

Updated: The specs

Stefan Egger pointed out that a draft of the specs are online, and sadly (if this is the working draft) it seems poor compared to my hopes. But the article does start with “The following is a preliminary specification. Things may change”. Head over to read the specs.

But its still good news I think. If nothing more than to at least break the monopoly that is going on at ebay. But for me personally, if this is what they are going for, I will probably have to order a Vampire 2 accellerator before I even want to get near it.

I was seriously hoping for a “minimig” fpga in the 120-200 mhz range. Just drop the custom chips and drump that into the fpga core — which would make for a very resilient computer limited only by gate-speed and overal performance.

Oh well, at least the spare parts problem is about to solve itself 🙂