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Smart Mobile Studio Unleashed, book

May 1, 2016 3 comments

Embedded? Cloud? Oh i’ll give you something to play with alright

Spent the better 3 weeks writing a book, a book that should have been written ages ago but I never had the time to do so.

What will it cover? Well, let’s just say this is the book you want for all things esoteric and secret about Smart Mobile Studio. It is not a book for beginners in object pascal, so a background in Delphi or Freepascal is a pre-requisite.

I am presently at 64 A4 pages packed full of stuff, and that’s not even half of the curriculum defined. We go through the inheritance chain for visual controls, from TW3TagObj all the way up to the culmination in TW3CustomControl.

We cover esoteric topics like talking to the GPU for blistering fast graphics, how to effectively use the class helpers attached to each control handle, memory management, font handling, enumerating child elements properly (read: why JavaScript runs faster the more you fragment) — and of-course, all my secrets in writing fast displays, like TW3DataGrid (not yet published) that can cut through thousands of rows without breaking a sweat.

But fear not, I also over fundamental concepts like how the VJL is organized, the namespaces, the platforms we support — and more importantly, WHY partial classes plays such an important part of it all.

But the juicy parts that’s gonna make you get all girly inside are in the NodeJS chapters, how to write clustering and make your NodeJS services scale beyond anything delivered by Delphi or Freepascal to date.

I am co-authoring the book with my good friend Peter Dunne of Jazenga Software who is taking my second-language-english and making it more natural to english speaking natives.

What can only be called “the black book of smart pascal sorcery” will be available through LuLu publishing later this year. It will co-incide with a major shift in the VJL.

You’ll be running rings around expensive native cloud services quite soon.

Here are a few teasers just to wet your appetite. These are fresh off the mint so to speak, so not even spellchecked yet. But should be enough to get your creative side going 🙂



Writing a web front-end for your NAS or nodeJS embedded service is a piece of cake!