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Delphi for Linux imminent

September 18, 2015 4 comments
Ubuntu linux is sexy and stable

Ubuntu linux is sexy and stable

A little bird at Embarcadero let it slip that “Delphi for Linux is right around the corner”. I cant talk about the source of this info (for obvious reasons), but those that follow my blog … 🙂 EMB denied for weeks that iOS support via FPC was a fact after that was posted here, no doubt we will see the same this time.

But, If this indeed turns out to be the case, then Embarcadero is about to take multi-platform native development onto a whole new level. DX already makes C# look like a joke, and Linux support would be the proverbial frosting on the cake – opening up the world of high-end ubuntu services for every Delphi developer in the world.

Linux is the fastest growing Windows alternative these days, embraced by corporations, schools and governments around the globe at an alarming rate. So it does make good sense money wise.

As for how, what and who — that is for Embarcadero to avail when the time is right.

For now, it’s just a rumor (although from the horses mouth).

So to sum up: Every object pascal developer and company has worked HARD to put object pascal back on the map after borland got whopped by Microsoft. And just look at the coverage: Object pascal for iOS, Android, OS X and Windows is delivered by Delphi. JavaScript, NodeJS and the browser is covered by Smart Mobile Studio — and every platform under the sun is supported by freepascal and derived forks.

It’s happy days 🙂