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Vacation over, let’s get cracking!

My blog has been silent for the past 2 months or so now. Not because I have secluded myself to a cave to ponder the mysteries of Delphi, but because I’ve moved into a cool new flat, been on holiday and spent time with my kids and friends. It’s been hectic, painful (slipped disc), fun, exciting and well worth every second!

Norwegian summers.. some may call it

Norwegian summers.. some may call it “mild winter”

As always is the case during the summer there is Norway Cup, which is an international soccer arrangement held up here. My son’s club was there and as expected they did exceptionally well (we have an ex pro player as coach). Very proud of my boy which scored 4 goals in a total of 5 games 🙂 It’s a great international event with soccer teams traveling from as far away as Korea, Brazil, Spain and the UK.

Norway cup, memory for life!

Norway cup, memory for life!

This year however they managed to put an amusement park right next to the soccer event, which may have been a good idea on the drawing board – but caused havoc for parents with more than one child. Trying to support my son’s games while keeping track of my daughter, who naturally wanted to visit the amusement park, turned out to be a full contact sport in itself. But I managed to make them both happy using every trick in dad’s book (yeah we went to the amusement park after the matches). And what better way to enjoy people scraming than a spot of sushi!

Sushi time!

Sushi time!

Since our landlord doesnt allow cats or dogs as pets, I came up with a novel solution. We are now the proud owners of to chickens. Yes, chickens. I grew up in the countryside with horses, cows and god knows what around me all day long, so a couple of chickens is a must. My daughter seem to enjoy petting them — and hey, free eggs in the morning 🙂

Chicken #1

Chicken #1 “Citrus Nicole Hercules”

Oh and I now live 100 meters from the beach! Which reminds of a clichĂ© programmer’s advert back in the 90’s, where you see a coder sunbathing while coding on his laptop. But at least we dont have to deflate the kid’s bathing toys when we go home, we just walk straight into our own garden and that’s it 🙂

2 minute walk for a nice view

2 minute walk for a nice view of the ocean and bathing!

And of-course, a visit to the sanatan dharma temple outside of Oslo was in order!



Well — it’s been a great summer! But now vacation is over — so back to work, back to Delphi and let’s get cracking!

ThISzz Izz Shpharhtha!

ThISzz Izz Shparhtha!

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