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Hire a Delphi superhero!

May 18, 2015 2 comments

This is your chance to hire a Delphi super-hero, namely me! That’s right, I’m presently in the market for a new full-time job!

Note: if you need people for a short project then I personally must decline, but I can forward your position at Delphi Developer (4.000 Delphi developers) and here on my website (average of 15.000 visitors per month)

I must underline the obvious, namely that I live in Norway with no intention of moving. However, I have a fully established office which has been used for three consecutive years. So I am used to working remotely, communicating through Skype, Messenger, Google Meetup’s and similar utilities. This has worked brilliantly so far. Full time employment over the internet is finally a reality.

For Norwegian companies I can offer 50% commuting (100% in Vestfold) from Oslo to Akershus in the north, to Sandefjord and Larvik in the south. The reason I can only offer 50% is because I have custody for two children every other week, which means I am unable to drive long distances in combination with school and similar factors.

You need an awesome Delphi developer? Then I'm you man!

Jon Lennart Aasenden, 41 years old senior software engineer using Delphi

My experience is too long to list here, but if you are in the market for a dedicated software engineer then you have come to the right place. Simply drop me a line on e-mail (address at the end of this post) and I will get back to you with a full resume ASAP.

In short: I have worked with Delphi for 15 years, I am the author of Smart Mobile Studio and wrote the VJL (run-time library, similar to VCL) from scratch. I have worked for some of the biggest companies in Norway. I have good papers, excellent reputation and is recognized for my skill, positive attitude and “yes we can” mentality.

Before my 15 years of Delphi I spent roughly the same amount of time programming games, multimedia and contributing to the demo scene. In my view, demo programming is one of the most rewarding intellectual exercises you can engage in. It teaches you how to think and prepares you for “real life solutions” as a professional.

In my career as a Delphi developer I have written several commercial products; ranging from a complete invoice and credit management application, games and multimedia products, serial management components for Delphi, backup clients and much, much more.

No matter what your company works with, as long as it’s Delphi I’m the right man for the job.

My kind of job

It goes without saying that I am looking for a purely Delphi centric position. Although I have worked with C++ and C# and have no problems navigating and adding to such a codebase — there can be no doubt that Delphi is the environment where I excel at my work.

I bring with me a solid insight into HTML5/JavaScript and am willing to teach and educate your existing staff in Smart Mobile Studio, which I am also the founder and inventor of; bringing your team up to speed with the next step in computing: namely distributed cloud computing. At which JavaScript and Object Pascal play central roles.

Torro Invoice

Torro Invoice

So if you are moving towards cloud computing or want to leverage the cloud for service oriented architectures using RPC or REST servers, I am the guy you want to talk to. Especially if you want to use object pascal and leverage nodeJS, JavaScript and the whole spectrum of mobile devices. In short, with me on your team you will have a huge advantage.

What you get is 15 years of Delphi experience; and before that, 15 years of software authoring, demo and game development on 16 bit machines.

Good qualities

I have included a small list of “ad-hoc” qualifications. The list below does not serve as anything other than indicators. I have been a professional programmer for many, many years and to list every single piece of technology is pointless. But hopefully the list is enough to give you an idea of my qualifications, depth and diversity.

  1. Write custom Delphi controls and UI widgets
  2. Create control packages and resource management for our projects
  3. Optimize procedures by hand by refactoring variables, parameters and datatypes.
  4. Write a database engine from scratch and also use existing engines such as Elevatedb, MSSQL, Oracle, Firebird, SQLite and MySQL
  5. Work with Windows API directly
  6. Work with freepascal and port code to Linux and Macintosh
  7. Write networking libraries, custom protocols and high-speed multithreaded servers
  8. Use classical frameworks like Indy, Internet Direct and other out of box solutions
  9. Write advanced parsers for source-code and any complex text-format
  10. Write a real-life compiler and IDE ( and
  11. Create a graphics library from scratch, supporting different pixel formats
  12. Work with large files, performing complex operations on gigabytes and terabytes
  13. Write mobile and desktop applications using Smart Mobile Studio and FireMonkey
  14. Create your server environment, architect your RPC (remote procedure call) service infrastructure
  15. Implement custom services through nodeJS, Smart Mobile Studio, Delphi and FreePascal
  16. Use Remobjects product line: such as RemObjects SDK, Hydra and Data-abstract
  17. Link with C and C++ object files
  18. Use project management tools, scrum, SVN, github and package management
  19. Write, export and import DLL files; both written in and imported to Delphi
  20. Write solid architectures using moderns technologies: xsl schemas, stylesheet validation, rest, node services

.. and much, much more!

Note: While you may not have a need for all of these qualifications (or any one of them), the understanding which the listed topics demand that I master is of great value to you as an employer. The more knowledge and hands-on experience a programmer can offer, the better qualified he is to deal with real-life problems.

Tools of the trade

All programmers have a toolbox with frameworks, code collections or third party components they use. These are the products I always try to use in projects. I have a huge library of components I have bought over the years, and I have no problem getting to know whatever toolkit you prefer. Below is a short list of my favorite tools, things I always carry with me to work.

  • RemObjects SDK to isolate business logic in RPC servers, this allows us to use the same back-end for both desktop, mobile and html5 javascript.
  • RemObject Data Abstract
  • Remobjects Hydra
  • ElevateDB and DBIsam (DBIsam for Delphi 7-2010, ElevateDB for the rest)
  • Developer Express component suite
  • TMS Aurelius database framework
  • MyDac – MySQL data access components
  • MSDac – Microsoft SQL server data access components
  • Raize component suite
  • FreePascal and Lazarus for OS X and Linux services
  • Mono/C# when customers demands it (or Visual Studio)
  • Firemonkey when that is in demand
  • Smart Mobile Studio for mobile applications, cloud services [nodejs] and HTML5/Web

Tools and utilities

  • Beyond compare (compare versions of the same file)
  • Total commander (excellent search inside files in a directory, recursive)
  • DBGen – A program written by me for turning Interbase/firebird databases into classes. Essentially my twist on Aurelius from TMS, except here you generate fixed classes in XML Data Mapping style.

Note: For large projects which needs customization I tend to write tools and converters myself. The DBgen tool was created when I worked at a company which used Firebird. They had two people who hand wrote wrapper classes for nearly 100 tables (!) They had used almost two months and covered about half. I wrote the generator in two days and it generates perfect wrappers for all tables in less than 10 minutes.

Safety first

As a father of three I am only interested in stable, long-term employments. Quick projects (unless we are talking six figures) are of no interest, nor do I want to work for startup groups or kickstarters. I am quite frankly not in a position to take risks; children comes first.

many of my products are available for purchase online

Many of my products are available for purchase online

I am used to working from my own office. I was initially skeptical to that, but it has turned out to work brilliantly. I am always available (within working hours Norwegian time) on Skype, Google, Messenger and phone.

Languages work format

For the past year I have been working full time with C# under Microsoft Visual Studio. Before that I used Mono for about four months, which I must admit I prefer over Visual Studio, and wrote a few iPhone and iPad apps. So I am not a complete stranger to C# or other popular languages. But as I have underlined in my posts on countless occations – object pascal is a better language. It is truly sad that Borland was brought down all those years ago, because with them they dragged what must be one of the most profound and influential languages of our time.

That said, I have no scruples about mixing and matching languages. Be it Remobjects Oxygene, C#, C++ or Object Pascal. I also do some mocking in BlitzBasic which is without question the fastest (execution wise) of the bunch, but not really suitable for enterprise level applications.

The point here being that I am versatile, prepared to learn new things and not afraid to ask. It would be a miracle if a man could walk through life without learning something new, so it’s important to show respect and be remain humble. Different languages represents different approaches to problem solving, and that is an important aspect of what it means to be a programmer.

The only thing I ask is that I am properly informed regarding the language you expect me to deliver in – and that I receive the required training or courseware in due time. Do not expect super-hero status in C#, I am absolutely above average, but it cannot be compared to my efficiency and excellence using Delphi.


If you are interested in hiring me for your company, then don’t hesitate to contact me for a resume. You may e-mail me at lennart.aasenden AT gmail dot com.