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Amiga programmer looking for work

May 15, 2015 11 comments

You may fear I have completely lost my marbles here, but I am actually underlining a very important point. Namely that Morphos and Aros represents two potential branches of what could be real-life, popular, fully functioning alternatives to Linux, Windows and OS X. In fact, if you go back 10 years in time Linux was dominated by debian clones. And from that root at least 15 different distros have their origin today.

So essentially, if the Aros and Morphos teams decide to go for it — they can in essence bring the Amiga OS formula back from the dead and turn it into the most popular, easy to use operative system in the world. There is absolutely no reason why that cant happen except if they waste their potential (in good commodore style?).

So is it room for another operative system? Because an operating system represents more than just a “desktop”. It’s essentially, like mentioned, a formula for dealing with hardware, controlling your system which boubles up to how you work and interact with your computer. Even a simple thing like driver architecture affects your everyday life; even if you dont know it.

Amiga OS, be it clones or the real-deal, is unique in this respect. And considering the amount of work involved in re-writing an OS from scratch (so hat off to the Aros and Morphos teams!) I see no reason why Amiga OS cant become a dead-serious alternative. Aros runs faster than both Linux and Windows on x86 hardware. It supports high-quality graphics and sound, and it has the potential just like windows to support an equal amount of hardware as well. Although porting drivers from Linux is probably the best way to go about things.

Paradoxically: If you ask why it takes so much time for Morphos, Aros and even Amiga OS 4 to see any updates (what is it now? 2 official updates in 15 years?) you always hear the same thing: “Sorry, we dont have enough programmers”.

Well I would like to offer my services as a programmer for Amiga; Aros or Morphos. I havent seen a “Amiga developer available for work” advert in 20 years, yet I see people asking for new stuff all the time — clearly something is missing between the two right?

Want software? No problem. Get FPC installed and give it here!

Want software? No problem. Get FPC installed and give it here!

My curriculum is long, but I master object pascal, 68k assembler, C, C# and a variety of other languages. I even know blitzbasic from the old days if that helps. I work full time as a developer for one of the largest software houses in Norway every day.

My favorite language and probably the most productive, fast and powerful (en-par with C/C++ and better) of all aforementioned is object pascal. I noticed that both Aros and Morphos have FPC support — which means I will be able to push my 15 years of professional experience with that language into whatever program you chose.

However, I do expect to be payed a normal salary, or at the very least a normal one-time fee. And this is probably where it all falls apart. But for the right project and if you allow me to use object pascal — i will deliver some kick ass ports to your Amiga based platform.

Some projects which will take me no more than a couple of days to knock out per piece: WinZip clone, WinRar (and Rar5 compression), PDF reader/writer, programming IDE based on SynEdit (and forked derivatives, this is one of the best coding editors around – supporting 15 different syntax highlighters, code suggestion, code completion and much, much more), JavaScript compiler (compile object pascal to high-speed, OOP JavaScript. Javascript is not OOP so we sculpt the VMT in code ourselves). Heck I can also make a lot more — the sky is the limit. What about a cool service layer and cloud distribution system? Hook every Amiga into the cloud? That would be fun! Imagine REXX scripting towards those pipes 🙂

Or what about a brand new programming language? I love working on compilers, parsers and IDE’s.

Others? Sound editors? Networking? — I have a collection of around 5.000 high-end re-usable programming components. All of them are pure object pascal, meaning that they can be dropped into any freepascal project and be used identically on Windows, OS X and .. well, Amiga. The only dependency is freepascal and the LCL (lazarus component library, a.k.a “run time library, like a C library for Some adjustments must be made naturally since Intuition might not be up for some of the more complex stuff, like the office clone, the outlook mail components (yes they look and work like microsoft outlook, except they are written in object pascal and platform independent).

So — now you have no excuse to say there are no good programmers for Aros, Morphos or classic Amiga OS — because a damn good developer is asking for Amiga work right here. I have more than 15 years of professional programming behind me. Before that I was a kick-ass hacker, member of Alpha Flight and later Quartex — elite groups both of them. If you have a peek at “products” page (top menu) you will find some of my work, but far from all.

While I dont want to say that A is better than B, I do feel that Aros may have the upper hand over morphos – since x86 hardware is easier to get a hold of. But since I have 3-4 mac’s capable of running morphos and around six PC’s capable of running Aros, that’s not gonna be a problem.

What I need

  • A disk image with the OS pre-installed
  • FreePascal (and preferably Lazarus if available) installed on the Image
  • No bloody nag screen
  • Well written project description, with each form of the app clearly defined (normal software spec)
  • Reasonable timeframe for part time work

Note: For classic AmigaOS I would need help getting the damn thing to run. I presently have only an old A500 + CD32, I have a furious 2xdual core G5 PPC morphos machine, and a monster powerful Aros PC. But if you want to delegate heavy duty programming on OS 4, then you need to set me up with a suitable machine first.