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Beta Blues? Fret ye not!

Smart Mobile Studio recently went into it’s second beta phase, sporting a much faster RTL and snappy compiler / UI. You also get a ton of juicy new features, like raw memory support (including good old allocmem and freemem), streams, websocket and much, much more.

But some people have reported problems with the built-in browser. As you all know we use a custom version of Chromium, which is a webkit based project. And one of the chores we had was to update to the latest webkit build. So the built-in browser in the Smart Mobile Studio beta is actually the latest.

Sadly webkit is a very, very hectic project. It changes on a daily basis, with hundreds of programmers working on it and applying fixes, introducing new features and generally doing what coders do. So grabbing “the latest” version is not as simple as it sounds.

The short story is: it’s unstable and css-effects are often the victim. Even something as simple as moving from one from to the other can be affected. Since not everyone has reported this one, i suspect is has to do with hardware and the capabilities of your graphics card. But either way, webkit should not behave like this – so it’s a clear case of a buggy build.

So either way, if you experience problems with the built in browser your have two options..

Copying the new RTL to your existing SMS installation works fine

Copying the new RTL to your existing SMS installation works fine

Turn off the built in browser

Yes, it’s that simple. I take it for granted that you have installed a couple of browsers on your system, preferably chrome, safari, the latest internet explorer and Firefox. So all you have to do is to define the browser you want to use in the preferences dialog, and that’s it.

Copy the RTL and use version

If you dont want to play with the IDE but just see the RTL improvements, then there is no shame in just copying the new RTL into your older Smart Mobile Studio installation. Remember to back up your present RTL folder first (!)

So If you just want to see what SMS is all about and get an impression of the codebase and what you can do, then you can also request a trial version and again – copy over the new RTL.

But — remember: do not copy the package files (!) This is very important since our package structure can embed RTL code, leading to conflict if the same file exists in two places.

This is not the optimal way of going about it – but until we issue the third beta candidate, it’s not much else you can do. And no – you cannot copy the old webkit DLL files. These builds have different headers and functions, so doing that will crash for sure.

  1. April 25, 2015 at 2:31 am

    There’re a Delphi TChromium component CEF3 (Chromium Embedded Framework 3) Full Source D7~XE7.
    Can be found on Googlecode 2 versions: the old ( http://code.google.com/p/delphichromiumembedded/ ) and newer ( http://code.google.com/p/dcef3/ ). I recommend the latter.

    It would be nice if this built-in browser could be used as a “Designer”. You drag n’ drop components into “canvas” and is rendered on the fly.

    • Jon Lennart Aasenden
      April 25, 2015 at 9:56 am

      Yes e are using chromium embedded. And the new designer in the beta does what you want, it renders graphics now using a separate thread – so it’s much faster and more smooth than before 🙂

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