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Smart Mobile Studio nodejs hardware platform

I am proud to announce that my research into nodeJS and inexpensive hardware has resulted in the Smart Mobile Studio server platform, which is an inexpensive but highly usable linux setup designed to run on the Raspberry PI model B.

When the system is ready you will be able to download a Linux disk-image from http://www.smartmobilestudio.com for use with your own Raspberry PI 2. I am also talking to a Norwegian supplier about selling ready-to-use Raspberry PI 2’s with SmartSDI (Smart Software Distribution interface).

Working with SmartSDI

SmartSDI is a Linux executable written in FreePascal which simplifies moving files between the Raspberry PI and your Windows machine. The system can interface with Smart Mobile Studio directly, meaning that when the IDE obtains support for SmartSDI, it can automatically transport the compiled files to the Raspberry PI, install it into the nodeJS service stack — and you can test the application directly: either through your browser, your mobile phone or iPad/tablet.

It also makes it a snap to write your client applications, because once the server has been installed though SmartSDI, the client can connect and talk to it using the same interfaces as Amazon and Azure cloud services.

SmartSDI is also a lot more. It allows you to write, test and work closely with your Smart nodeJS services. Doing this on a dedicated “mini-computer” before you deploy to the cloud can mean the difference between success and failure.

The Raspberry PI2 image comes complete with nodeJS, mySQL and a host of typical nodeJS libraries and extensions. The goal is to provide you with an inexpensive, fully functional and convenient run-time environment for your cloud software.

The hardware runs on 5v only, which makes it suitable for 24/7 operation. It’s extremely cost effective at $35. Making Smart Mobile Studio the least expensive development platform for it’s gentre in the world. Embarcadero is 100 times more expensive for mobile and cloud work, and you get nothing we dont deliver. Even if you bought a 10 piece nodeJS cluster you would still have $2000 to spare.

The question should be — is Delphi 100 times better at modern mobile development?

From idea to production

With this platform, Smart Mobile Studio delivers a complete development path – from your idea to the finished product. The cloud based mobile application model can seem alien to many Delphi programmers, but it’s actually involves less work and more fun than native programming.

The cloud platform is likewise inexpensive, easy to use and easy to deploy to once understand it.

But stress testing your services, throwing deliberate exceptions and problems — which is the only way to be sure your program can deal with real-life problems, is expensive and time-consuming if done straight on the cloud node or your local PC.

This is where SmartSDI comes in. It comes with everything ready and working. Want to use mySQL in your cloud solution? Just use a mySQL editor and connect to the Raspberry PI to create your database. Now go back into Smart Mobile Studio and start using the mySQL drivers to talk with it.

When it all works as expected, your cloud solution is ready for deployment! A wizard will help you through the steps of uploading your cloud solution to your service provider (Amazon, Azure) and it’s up and running in minutes (!)

With the server in place, you package your client application with phonegap, and voila — you are ready for the marketplace! With Android, iOS, Blackberry and Microsoft mobile support ready to rock!

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