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Moving to RiouxSVN

April 17, 2015 6 comments

In order to not mix the eggs or dot the teeth (and so on), I have decided to move my personal code to RiouxSVN.

This includes my repository of Smart Mobile Studio code and component sets,  including the cool new Database Grid, DB framework and DB aware controls.

Almost complete DB grid for SMS

Almost complete DB grid for SMS

The move will take place sometime during this weekend. So add this repo to your SVN subscriptions. Everyone is allowed to read from the repository. Updates and changes to the repo should be submitted to me, or on a temporary git repository so I can import the changes.

When to use

Ordinary rules apply. This means that you should never use code you download while the branch is in development mode and use that in a commercial or critical product. For that, use the repository browser and fetch a stable version.

Typically a repo history will look somthing like:

26.09.2015 more fixes and stuff
29.09.2015 STABLE
26.09.2015 more fixes and stuff
21.09.2015 Fixed this and that

In the above example, grab the one marked “STABLE” for productions. But for testing out the latest stuff, just keep the repo up-to-date 🙂