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The Darth component package for Smart Mobile Studio

Black and stylish UI

Black and stylish UI

I am pleased to announce that work has begun on the Darth component package. This is a special component set for Smart Mobile Studio version 1.2 and above (package support) which provides Windows 8.1 mobile controls and styles.


Microsoft mobile (Windows 8.1) features a slick, black UI with plenty of animation and transition effects. The name “darth” was selected when a member of the team called this UI for “that Darth Vader theme from Microsoft”. The name stuck with the code and despite it’s obvious clash with the Dart programming language – we decided to keep it. We are empire men after all.

Darth implements a wide range of slick and awesome components from Windows 8.1 mobile. All components work on Microsoft mobile, Apple IPhone and Android phones as well. But we are tailoring this package especially for Windows Phone developers.

The components

As of writing the following components are scheduled for the Darth package

  • TDarthCategoryHeader
  • TDarthHorizontalRuler
  • TDarthVerticalRuler
  • TDarthOrigoBox
  • TDarthLayoutControl
  • TDarthHtmlViewer
  • TDarthTextViewer
  • TDarthSwitch
  • TDarthButton
  • TDarthToolbar
  • TDarthMessageDialog
  • TDarthContextMenu
  • TDarthFormSlider
  • TDarthHorizontalScrollbar
  • TDarthVerticalScrollbar
  • TDarthStarfield
  • TDarthScrollText

Darth also comes with loads of classes. Most interesting is the fact that Darth generates CSS effects “on the fly”, which means it can build and construct complex effects which are injected into it’s own stylesheet in memory. After use the style is unregistered and removed automatically.

Another interesting class is the particle engine and effects, which makes it easy to add impact impressions and speed indicators. It’s also suitable for games and multimedia alike.

Release date

Darth will be released in good Microsoft style — when it’s ready 🙂 Although we expect it to be launched towards the end of this summer.

  1. ipkwena (@ipkwena)
    April 11, 2015 at 6:04 am


    Thanks for the overview on the code sample Darth component structure. You seem to have made reference to the “Dart programming language” in your blog. I doubt it was an intended pun on the Google Dart language, recognising a common feature Dart and SMS have: generation of Javascript for web applications.

    • Jon Lennart Aasenden
      April 11, 2015 at 9:00 am

      Ofcourse it was a deliberate pun

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