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Smart competition extended to may 1st!

Smart Pascal Compo

Smart Pascal Compo

Time has run out for the Smart Mobile Studio component competition. but I guess I picked a bad time for this, with easter and school holidays getting in the way of things.

As I wrote regarding rules we need a minimal number of entries to call it a competition. At the moment we have only 3 entries – although I have received a fair bit of email regarding details, the rules etc. (which I thought I outlined with great precision *smile*).

And let’s face it — it’s a super easy competition. Yesterday I wrote a fully fledged component for Smart Mobile Studio. A complete implementation of the Windows 8.1 mobile category header. You can check that out here. The point being that writing components for Smart Mobile Studio is much easier than Delphi or Lazarus. It’s really fun!

As a bonus the official list of components that ship with Smart is spartan and young, so chances are you will be able to find a control which is not there quite easily.

One more time

I feel it would be premature to simply cancel at this point. So I will extend the deadline to span april – which means the final draw is now on the 1st of may!

If there is still not enough entries, then I guess I’ll cancel the competition all together. And naturally according to rules, no submitted code will be used (unless you want to) in teaching.

The Raspberry PI 2 model b price (!)

Surely a Raspberry PI 2 model B must be worth a couple of hours coding? Especially now with Windows 10 just around the corner ! I personally own 4 of these little gems. One is dedicated for retro gaming, another is used as a backup server, a third is used as a dedicated nodeJS server (which I use with Smart Mobile Studio) and the last one is an all-round coding testbed. Only the nodeJS and gaming RPI’s are version 2 model B, the two others are version 1 and 1 B respectively.

Windows 10 is just around the corner

Windows 10 is just around the corner

It’s a really great little computer. It runs on 5V so it’s extremely reasonable (you can leave it on 24/7 without being afraid of high electricity bills). And it’s particularly suited for single-server tasks. Perfect for nodeJS or Remobjects SDK servers (compiled with Lazarus and FPC for ARM CPU).

Writing nodeJS servers with Smart Mobile Studio is so much fun, and I promise you that it’s going to be a real game changer once you get into it. You use the Raspberry PI to model a full server architecture at home, and when it’s done — you just deploy it vertically onto the cloud. And then you can scale it horizontally (clone instances) as your business grows.


The primary motivation for this competition is to support object pascal in our education system; Such as the Pascal programming for Schools Project in the UK. Object Pascal in all it’s forms is an excellent language for beginners and advanced alike. It has the depth of C/C++ but with a friendly and intuitive syntax suitable for all levels. It’s a perfect language and excellent for kids and teenagers to acquaint themselves with what programming is all about.

You might not know it but classical pascal was actually engineered for schools. The language itself was created to be easy to teach and easy to learn – and at the same time replace C/C++ with all it’s quirks and idiosyncrasies.

But students need help from us adults with examples, study material and quality code. Hence the emphasis that source-code be documented as much as possible. Be clear and easy to read – and so on.

If you havent seen the Pascal programming from schools project, then you should check it out! They have their own category dedicated to Smart Pascal with some really great stuff!

I’m still blown away by the arrow-shooting game written by an 11-year-old – which uses angle calculations and momentum to fire arrows at a target. Or this little particle engine which is fun and easy to learn 🙂

Getting into the competition

If you own Smart Mobile Studio, or just want to try it out — then join the competition! If you don’t have Smart Mobile Studio and want to join, then you can go to http://www.smartmobilestudio.com, download the trial and request a trial serial number.

The last bit is important because a lot of people download the trial and think it’s bugged — you need a valid serial number when you start SMS for the first time, or you wont be able to fire it up.

Then what? Easy – send me an email with your entry. Use the email lennart DOT aasenden AT gmail DOT com



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