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Smart Mobile Update, oh man this rocks!

Do you sometimes feel a bit envious of C# programmers with all their cool IDE features? Like automatic updates, built-in package manager which downloads, installs and does all the grunt work for you? I mean, Visual Studio’s nuget package manager looks almost like appstore, but with free packages which can be installed with a click.

I know I have. Being a Delphi/FPC programmer can be tiresome. Especially when it comes to component updates, RTL updates and god knows what else you have to manually deal with.

Well then It’s with great please I assume the role of whistleblower and show you a “peek” of the upcoming Smart Mobile Studio update architecture. That’s right, while you were sleeping we were building a server infrastructure – and one of the features is about to emerge publicly!

Oh look, it does everything for us!

Oh look, it does everything for us!

Updates for all

Imagine this: Someone at HQ locates a bug in one of the RTL units. Today this means registering a case in fogbugz, providing reproducible code and much, much more. And depending on how critical it is – it can take a while before the ticket comes up to be fixed.

Our new system allows us to do immediate updates. So whenever we add a new feature or fix a bug, it’s fixed straight away — and it is available immediately. All you have to do is click “update” once in a while and you get all the changes, just like Visual Studio and Mono users do!

And we have channels, meaning different branches you can check out, like “Beta” and “Nightly builds” and so on. But please note that these are reserved for paying customers only. The update system takes care of license validation, tracking – updating your executables as well as the VJL + RTL codebase. So this is more or less a perfect solution for serious HTML5/Pascal programmers as you can get. And dont get me started on automatic package installation (ops! Did I say that out loud? Darn…).

I soooooo want to blow the whistle on our other features, but I can’t! Not yet. But the moment they are ready for public ears, rest assured that I’ll play the proverbial bagpipe on all of them 😀


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