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The Smart Mobile Studio Competition!

I want to remind every one about the Smart Mobile Studio competition I launched earlier.

It’s still early (I have received two really good entries already), so if you own Smart Mobile Studio – or even if you don’t (heck you can download the trial version and have a go) and fancy winning the latest Raspberry PI 2 (model B, the new one that runs Windows 10) then this is your chance!

Probably the coolest mini-pc in the world

Probably the coolest mini-pc in the world

You can find the details regarding the compo here. The rules are straight forward and easy, and remember: this is not a graphical demonstration competition. This competition is about making the best component! And writing components is very entertaining, especially for a programming environment as young as Smart Mobile Studio. It lacks many of the controls which we take for granted under Lazarus or Delphi (hint).

It’s ready to be sent to your place

We are practically giving this Raspberry PI away; It’s just lying there in its box ready to be shipped to wherever you live; dying to be turned into something fun and useful. And even if you don’t need it, your kids will love playing every nintendo, amiga, sega and arcade game ever created (just install PIMame and turn it into an arcade machine).

So what are you waiting for? Impress us with a new toolbar, a new button-bank, sinus scrolltext or whatever control type you love to code! A hex editor would be nice (or any editor to be honest, I havent gotten around to coding one yet).

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