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Delphiarmy, the place to find cool jobs

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This is a plan I have worked on for a while. It is born first and foremost out practicality – because let’s be honest, Delphi developers are in high demand these days, but we are in much smaller numbers than JavaScript and C# programmers. So as a Delphi developer it’s hard to find work due to the lack of an official organ taking care of these things, and secondly it’s very frustrating to be an employer because locating good developers is tough enough, but finding an awesome Delphi developer can be the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Want a Delphi job? Well that is going to become much easier!

Want a Delphi job? Well that is going to become much easier!

So, I want to present the upcoming object pascal job portal, humbly named: Delphi Army (www.delphiarmy.com). The website is not yet operational, but in a couple of weeks you can register and secure that job easier than ever before.

Delphi Army

For the past two years I must have gotten at least 25 phone calls from small and large companies who want to hire my services. But since I already have a full-time job, and Smart Mobile Studio on the side – I have had to decline them all. Even though many of them had excellent benefits and solid wages (even by Norwegian standard, which are the highest in the world).

Well, I have decided to do something about this and bought http://www.delphiarmy.com a while back. It will function as a hub for employers looking for Delphi programmers. The organization will operate more or less like manpower — except with a much lower cut (Manpower takes as much as 50% which is ridicules, DelphiArmy will settle between 25% which is very reasonable).

How does it work?

Developers register for free, including uploading their CV and presenting themselves and their previous work. Employers looking for expertise log-into a special portal on the website, where they can register their needs and what qualifications the candidate must meet.

All object pascal, in one place

All object pascal, in one place

We then pick the candidates matching the criteria, or at least those that comes closest to the needed expertise, and present you to the company in need of your skills.

If they accept you as a candidate (taking location and other details into account), they sign a hiring contract for the duration of the project with DelphiArmy — and you are given the job. You will receive your paycheck from DelphiArmy (we deduct 25%), which we receive from the employer.

Headhunting services will also be available for employers for a fee.

Is it Delphi only?

No. As we all know object pascal expands way beyond Delphi, which is a single product in Embarcadero’s portfolio. Smart Mobile Studio is becoming increasingly important as object pascal developers get to grips with HTML5/JS and nodeJS server programming. Not to mention the fact that more and more hardware runs JavaScript by default (such as micro-controllers and embedded boards). Espruino being a prime example of a SOC (system on a chip) controlled by nothing but JavaScript.

Freepascal is likewise an important piece of technology, one which is behind a multitude of object pascal projects around the world. It is also important because it represents an alternative to Delphi itself, generating faster and more optimized code for nearly every platform in the marketplace (even Nintendo, PlayStation and XBox). In-depth knowledge of FPC and a solid grasp of Lazarus for building rich, platform independent solutions is a great skill.

Remobjects Oxygene, which is the technology previously shipped with Delphi to cover the dot net platform, is likewise an important piece of the marketplace. Good knowledge of the dot net framework is essential when working with Oxygene, but for those that wish to build and run their applications on Microsoft’s platform -or Mono for other platforms (that may change very soon since Microsoft has open-sourced the entire framework, including compiler).

Here is how the technologies can be summed up:

  • Delphi classic (Delphi 7 – 2009)
  • Delphi modern (Delphi 2010 – XE7 and beyond)
  • Delphi Mobile development
  • Delphi OS X development
  • Smart Pascal HTML5
  • Smart Pascal nodeJS
  • Smart Pascal Embedded
  • Freepascal / Lazarus Windows
  • FreePascal / Lazarus Linux
  • FreePascal / Lazarus OS X
  • FreePascal Embedded
  • Remobjects Oxygene

Secondly there is knowledge of the various RTL’s, which is perhaps just as important to an employer as is the technical skill to write good code. A candidate versed in the dot net framework will be almost useless in the VCL environment, and visa versa;

  • VCL – Delphi’s classic run-time library
  • FMX – Delphi’s platform independent run-time library
  • LCL – Lazarus and Freepascal component library
  • VJL – Smart Pascal’s run-time library
  • NJL – Smart Pascal’s nodeJS framework units
  • NET – The dot net framework (Oxygene Pascal)

Being able to master various techniques is likewise an aspect of programming which is important to expose to an employer

  • Generics for Delphi
  • Generics for Freepascal
  • Anonymous methods, variables, fields for Smart Pascal
  • Lambdas for Smart Pascal
  • Assembly / Machine code x86 / ARM

Being able to write modular, maintainable solutions across platforms which adapts custom adaptation is a skill-set very sought after; both visual and non-visual components alike:

  • Creating custom controls for Delphi
  • Creating custom controls for Freepascal / Lazarus
  • Creating custom controls for Smart Mobile Studio
  • Creating custom controls for Oxygene / .NET

Then there is types of executables, which to present date can be summed up as:

  • Windows Services, Linux Daemons, OS X Helpers
  • Windows DLL, Linux .so, OS X .dylib
  • Windows COM libraries and typelibrary generation
  • Windows COM server initialization and use
  • RemObjects Hydra
  • RemObjects SDK service containers (.dll)

And various standard Delphi project types

  • REST client/server
  • ISAPI modules
  • Apache modules
  • Multi-lingual projects in Delphi

And last but not least, being able to work with standard object pascal third party technology is a must, no matter what compiler or framework you provide services for:

  • XML binding
  • SecureBlackBox XML signing
  • CryptoAPI XML signing
  • Bluetooth API
  • XSLT schemas and validation
  • Developer Express controls
  • TMS Aurelius
  • TMS grids and controls
  • mORMot  object relation mapping framework
  • RemObjects SDK
  • RemObjects Data Abstract
  • Datasnap with Smart Mobile Studio
  • Remobjects SDK with Smart Mobile Studio
  • TClientDataset caching and update mechanisms
  • ElevateSoft’s DBISAM
  • ElevateSoft’s ElevateDB
  • MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Interbase / Firebird
  • FastReports, Crystal Reports, Report Server
  • DirectX
  • OpenGL
  • WDOSX embedded framework
  • GSM modem technology
  • Smart card technology

All the above sections are each areas which is of interest to an employer, including what debug or error management framework you use (logging to file or Windows log is also valid, but the more depth you as a developer can describe and back up with knowledge, the better).

The important thing is to present factual information, because you will be tested. And candidates lying or otherwise miss-representing themselves, will never work again through DelphiArmy.

I live in country xyz, how can I remote work in Norway?

Most companies that deal with outside employees have strict guidelines regarding contact and availability, and it’s important that these are meet. The majority of companies I have worked with, either here in Norway or in the states, will typically start the day with a 15 minute scrum meeting on Skype to set the agenda.

You are expected to know your way around SVN, GIT, and other tools of the trade. It’s imperative that you speak english and that you at least write english which is coherent (some languages have a tendency to present conclusion before the deduction, which can be hard to understand in english).

Most companies also demand that you can be reached by phone, Skype and email during work-hours, this can be tricky if you live on the other side of the globe, but after a period of time when the employer sees results, most give you some freedom regarding contact – reducing it to being able to contact in case of an emergency.

Well, I hope this is good news for everyone. I am presently busy picking out the website software, which will include more than just work — it will also host forums and a web-shop, so stay tuned!

Things are about to get a lot better for all of us 🙂

  1. December 11, 2014 at 5:56 am

    I’m wondering why you left out the fact that Oxygene also targets mobile development in the form of Android, iOS and WinPhone (not to mention OS X) in addition to .NET ?

    As well as .NET framework, developers using Oxygene will also be conversant – if not experts – in Android SDK and Cocoa/Cocoa Touch.

    • Jon Lennart Aasenden
      December 11, 2014 at 8:29 am

      Good point Jolyon! To be honest I was just so focused on the non dot net side of things that I forgot all about the mobile segment there — but you are right, oxygene does mobile. In fact I’ve used it with mono a couple of times.

  2. December 11, 2014 at 12:03 pm

    Can you add C++Builder to the list, please? It’s often forgotten – but it uses a lot of the same tech and libraries as Delphi and a C++ developer who knows the VCL can be useful to many companies too.

    How are you planning the site to work? Is it for finding full-time remote employees only, or also consulting / contract programmers? Many people – including me – freelance as Delphi developers and the remote work problems you mention in the last paragraph don’t apply so much. Typically I’d sign a contract for a specified piece of work.

    • Jon Lennart Aasenden
      December 11, 2014 at 8:14 pm

      Will do. The “list” is not carved in stone, it’s just an example of how diverse the object pascal community is — and yes, C++ builder is a part of the family so to speak 🙂

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