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QTXLibrary + CaseBook on google code

Casebook, a QTXLibrary demo

Casebook, a QTXLibrary demo

Casebook is now a part of the Demo folder in QTXLibrary on google code. This makes it much easier for people to follow examples, as all they need to do is grab the repo and they pretty much have everything. The QTXLibrary for Smart Mobile Studio is a “must have” for anyone working with Smart Mobile Studio and HTML5. It adds a wealth of effects, classes and helpers that makes HTML5 app development so much easier.

QTXLibrary also wraps iScroll, the number one scrolling content library for javascript – which means you can now knock out super smooth scrolling components like the best of them.

Head on over to google code and download the source-code now:


Remember to *star* the project!

Also, check out the live casebook version here:


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