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Casebook source

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Welcome to casebook

Welcome to casebook


All code moved to the same repo. Casebook is now a part of QTXLibrary!

If you want to have a peek at the “casebook” skeleton app ( then you can download the “R&D” source in zip format here.

Please be warned that this source will change drastically over the next weeks and that it’s undocumented. The first to be added will be a datasource so articles are truly dynamic, meaning the source of articles can either be a “live” webservice, a file stored on the server or a JSON service.

Also be sure you grab the QTX library here:

A few notes

Heavy use of callback’s and delays make for a more fluent and responsive interface. You will find plenty of this, especially in the event-handlers for buttons and form navigation.

Cloud effects turn themselves off when the present-form is not the login-form, but they can complete a cycle before that happens.

Dont be afraid to mess things up