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Discount only 1 week to go!

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Create awesome JavaScript code in Object Pascal

Write awesome browser code with Smart Pascal

The fantastic $99 and $199 discount for Smart Mobile Studio professional and enterprise is about to expire! Only one week left of this extreme discount — so no time to waste!

You will get your license just in time for the next major update — so this is your chance to get the de-facto, #1 object pascal to JavaScript compiler at a massive 50% discount (!)

In short — the discount expires Sunday 20’th of Juli

How do I order?

Simple. Head over to and go to our order page. Remember to mark your order with “JLA” which is the discount code word. And that’s it.

You get all the updates for a whole year (and that is a very, very good deal).

Read the original discount post here.

Why is this cool?

Smart Pascal is the natural Delphi replacement for the web. It has also been called “A complete Adobe Flash replacement” and “What HTML5 Builder should have been”. You can use it to write mobile applications that run on your iOS or Android devices, interface with your native Delphi databases or back-end servers — and even to control hardware that run JavaScript (yes, more and more embedded boards and micro-controllers run JavaScript).

Leverage your Object Pascal knowledge for the next generation, HTML5 based application development!

Why spend six months writing elementary JavaScript – when you can do it in 6 days using Smart Pascal? Fully object-oriented, inheritance, RTTI, interfaces — all the benefits of a modern, high-level language running in your browsers.

No dependencies. No limits — just pure Smart Pascal!