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Discount of the year! Get Smart Mobile Studio PRO for $99

June 26, 2014 1 comment

Yes you read right ! By ordering Smart Mobile Studio with my codeword – I can give you a massive summer discount! Why? Because I can, that’s why. There are some perks to being the mad scientist that started it all, one of them is that I can give discounts around christmas and summertime. And since the sun is shining and women are running around in a fantastic lack of clothing (I so love living in Norway) – I am offering a nice discount for anyone interested in the professional and enterprise edition of the #1 Object Pascal HTML5 compiler on the marked.

Smart Mobile Studio

Smart Mobile Studio

Ordering is very simple. You do it from the standard Smart Mobile Studio Website, but mark you order with “JLA”.

This discount starts Monday 30’th of June (next monday).

In short you can now obtain the pro edition for $99 (original price $199) and the enterprise edition for $199 (original price $399) — that is a whopping discount for all my fellow spartans out there!

I cut $200 off the enterprise version since, let’s face it — thats the group of coders getting access to the juicy stuff first (just like everywhere else). And that extra $100 is then given back to the PRO buyers via the upgrade plan. So all in all it pans out fair for everyone involved. You either grab the offer or you dont, it’s as easy as that.

We got the next version of the compiler / IDE lined up for release quite soon (you get all updates of-course). Which adds even more features and support than you can throw a stick at.

So if you thought we were going away, think again. 4 successful years of Object Pascal HTML5 development, a globally recognized Pascal dialect – and a rock solid class library which makes HTML5 Builder look like a joke.

Dont expect us to leave any time soon 🙂

Sixpack + Pizza, or an Object Pascal HTML5 compiler suite?

A ridicules but true comparison. Go out for pizza in New york or Oslo, add six pints of beer to that equation and you better be prepared to pay a hell of a lot more than $199.

What would be a better investment in terms of intellectual exploration? Blowing $200 on food and a few hours out, or getting the latest compiler suite and take a step outside your comfort zone? It’s up to you — my discount will only be available for a couple of weeks.

It buys you access to all updates, classes, code and support for one whole year. In the great scheme of things I’m the proverbial santa here, considering that you get a full HTML5/JS development studio and an object pascal compiler for the price of a six-pack and a pizza. I know, it sounds lame but it’s the truth. Take your pick what you think will bring you satisfaction longer.

Awkward parallels aside you also get to support important development, which includes financial support for DWScript and SynEdit. Both fantastic Delphi packages (almost standard) which has benefitted greatly since we started our project. Their evolution is important as more and more developers jump onto the FireMonkey bandwagon. SynEdit is a fantastic free editor component, and we really want to get as much technology onto the Apple platform as possible.

Do a Mike Tyson on the latte crew

Violence perfected, you dont mess with that

Knockout HTML5 with SMS

And secondly, are you tired of latte drinking JavaScript teenagers laughing when they hear “Pascal” or “C++” mentioned? Like they could possibly know what it really takes to build the low-level stuff we do on a daily basis? Well now you can laugh back and write code in 1 hour that would take them 2 months to achieve — in their own language (rubbing it in with an assorted selection of salt from the dead sea). And you get the benefit of OOP, inheritance, polymorphism and everything Object Pascal.

Our Smart Pascal compiler brings the onslaught and full might of our language to the world of JavaScript. The power of 20+ years of carefully crafted programming terminology and skill ready to be unleashed in the browser.

Let them enjoy their latte while they can. In the words of Plato “some are content with Ipse Dixit”, but grown up developers require food meant for adults.

As Delphi developers we don’t get confused when we see cool graphical effects (because we know how easy that is to make). There is more to a well-defined language than being able to throw graphics around. What about financial calculations? Support for leading communication protocols? What about inheritance, interfaces and property expressions? Does these JavaScript “toys” provide this? Or is it just latte instead of real work when it comes down to getting the job done?

JQuery? ExtJS? Well, children have their toys..

And you will be in good company. We got support for RemObjects services out of the box, Embarcadero DataSnap, Synopse is implementing their morMot framework as I type, Steema supplies TeeChart – and (drumroll) quite a few high profiled component vendors have ordered SDK kits to write components for SMS.

You wont believe some of the cool stuff I get in my mailbox coded in SMS. Everything from old Amiga retro games re-made for HTML5 to serious, number crunching services written in SMS and nodeJS. I was proud when some of my old Amiga code ended up at Nasa in the 90’s (MUI plugin), but I have never been more proud than when SMS was used to make Flash look like a raving imbecile. Our HTML5 CSS3 GPU powered sprites ran rings around Adobe’s bloated and hyped technology – which just goes to show: Object Pascal is a living, vibrant and exciting language that is worth learning — for the future.

As long as someone makes a bridge to the future..

JavaScript is the future

JS hardware, an abomination -- but it's what we gotta work with

JS hardware, an abomination — but it’s what we gotta work with

JavaScript is the winning contender for the future. That might sound like hogwash, but check the growth compared to native languages before you object. This is why I created SMS to begin with – so that we could use our Delphi and FPC skills to create kick-ass HTML5 JavaScript applications while we adapt and evolve as programmers. Or just use it as a flash replacement for that matter. It really makes sense in a Delphi programmers toolkit.

You can also enter into the embedded marked, since more and more micro-controllers run JavaScript (believe it or not). Long gone are the days of expensive x86 embedded boards and having to hire a team of 4 coders to build an oil control unit. Cheap ARM based JavaScript hardware is the reality. And Smart Pascal makes it fun and easy to work with — and you only need one good Delphi coder as opposed to 10 Javascript latte drinking teenager to get the job done — and get it done right!

And that is what we Spartans bring to the table. Carefully crafted, rock solid, object oriented and expandable systems. We dont just write code that can be used as a quick fix. We write object oriented code that can be maintained and expanded. Our code is written to last decades, not six months or a phase. And once you get that message through to the board of whatever JS company is involved, they will immediately see the economic reasoning behind hiring a senior Delphi programmer as a opposed to a latte slurping, pimple pushing teenager who wouldn’t know an assembly section if he fell over it.

That gives Delphi developers a huge advantage– if they absorb and adapt to the marked change presently taking place.

Smart Mobile Studio is a bridge from the reality of native programming (which we all know and love), and the emerging reality of cloud oriented, javascript coded, touch contract based nodeJS services. You might not like it any more than me, but that is the reality we have to deal with.

But at least you have a crew of die-hard spartans at the front line paving the way for your arrival. Laying the foundation stone of things to come.