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Smart Mobile Studio + nodeJS + Raspberry PI = awsome

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Smal but very fun to play with

Smal but very fun to play with

Want to test out your nodeJS business app before renting an expensive server + database hosting solution?

Well here is how you could do it with a minimalistic budget. First, order a Raspberry PI credit-card-sized computer at a whopping $25 pricetag. Follow the Raspberry PI installation guide for Linux (very simple, just download and flash the rom-card, then reboot and select the OS you want), then follow the Raspberry PI guide to setting up nodeJS on it.

So how do I code this device?

Buy Smart Mobile Studio, write your nodeJS server and Client in ordinary Object Pascal (or more precise: Smart Pascal, which is a next generation object pascal). To get your product onto the Raspberry PI, login to the device and start X (the “windows” like desktop environment) – copy the compiled nodeJS server code from your windows machine (you can access normal windows shares via the Linux filemanager).

Then open a shell (root user) and make sure read/write/execute rights is available for all users on your project folder. In short: cd to the parent folder, then type “chmod [myfolder] 7777”, replacing [myfolder] naturally with your project folder.

Then start your nodeJS project as normal on the raspberry.


Voila — you have a pocket size nodeJS server to test and play with. As a bonus you can also install freepascal on it (“sudo apt-get install lazarus” should do the trick). Lazarus is very slow on this device, so i suggest you write your programs on windows and just compile with FPC on the PI – which has an ARM CPU by the way).

Here is how you setup nodeJS on your machine:

Follow the Smart Mobile Studio tutorial for creating nodeJS projects – both client and server.