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Leaving Optimale Systemer



As of today I am no longer employed by Optimale Systemer AS. After much thinking I decided it was time to leave, although leaving Smart Mobile Studio behind was the hardest thing I have ever done. It was my baby and something I loved working on. I will sorely miss everyone at the company and everyone on the OP4JS council, but I feel my work is done. I set out to bring object pascal to the new world of HTML5 – and despite all the “it can’t be done” bullshit, well.. me and Eric did it. An especially long nose (with assorted french ornaments from Ludvig the fifth) to Embarcadero.

This really was your job Embarcadero. I cant believe you people are actually selling html5 builder and getting away with it. I know there is a lot of work running a company with your customer base – but not delivering a Delphi to html5 compiler in all these years, and with 10000 times our resources is just.. well plain ridicules if you ask me.

On with the show



Today was my first day at NextSys AS, a dedicated Delphi and object pascal company situated in Lier, outside of Oslo, Norway. Our flagship product is NextSys Dental Office which is being used by the national health service to manage every aspect of insurance and dental plans.

It’s been a very cool day over at NextSys. We visited the local officials house for a meeting, which incidentally took place in my old school (Næringsakademiet, Tønsberg). This was the place where I used to play around with Interbase/dBase waaaay back in 1997. So imagine the deja vu when we started the meeting with… firebird (!)

The same building, the same (well, sort of) software, but still awesome!

Also got my taste of the latest Delphi; although I did spend an hour checking if we could bridge firebird to Smart Mobile Studio with a little binary help. I’ll get back to you on that one 😉

Last words: If you want extraordinary stuff, you need extraordinary people. If you want ordinary solutions to everyday problems, get someone else. But to parallel a bad movie – once Achilles have taken the beach – it’s up to the rest to build on it. I’m thankful for my role in bringing object pascal to the browser and html5 – now it’s up to you to make it stay there.

If you build it, they will come 😉

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