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Freepascal, synedit and scintilla

June 5, 2012

Been up for god knows how many hours coding. I think i’ll go for a late dinner and a pint down at the diner. I’m allergic to malt so a pint of beer always makes me sleepy. I am pondering if synedit is not beyond all help at this point. Just getting the widestring repo to talk to the codebase that supports code folding and non-editable sections is a nightmare. Perhaps i’ve forked the wrong codebase (he said in retrospect). Freepascal have done wonders with it at the cost of years (which i don’t have) but that seems like a steep price for what is essentially a basic text editor, albeit a good one.

I could have coded my own scintilla wrapper by now, for which Jordan Russel would have been the inspiration (what can i say, the guy is a legend). I’ll talk it over with a couple of friends from the FPC scene — I really want to update synedit and wake that gem up from the dead, but not at the expense of customers waiting for me to fix 10-year-old bad habits (I have more than enough with the bugs I create myself). Hopefully we can avoid scintilla… i hope so. The synedit codebase is a mess to say the least.

I take back everything negative i have ever said about the lazarus project, it must have taken a lot of stamina to do what they did. So fair is fair, I stand corrected when it comes to freepascal and lazarus. And I also feel slightly ashamed having given them such a poor review a year ago. Goes to show, the user and the provider live in two different worlds – often a middle man is required to bridge the gap (enter the public relation representative).

It’s not always easy to get attention over at the fpc forums, but some things (like fighting with synedit’s internal tables for 10 hours) have to be experienced to be understood. So I get it now. And I must applaud the effort of the lazarus team for what they have done, without getting even a fraction of the credit they so truly deserve.

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