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What a weeked

This was a kick ass weekend. Finally had time to focus completely on my kids. So on friday we were all relaxing on the couch watching “Yogi bear” on blue ray first, then we pigged out on ice-cream + Thai food at a local diner. My wife went off to her kickboxing tournament (and came back quite bruised but happy sunday at around midnight) – so it was just me and the kids.

You can never have to little ice-cream

You can never have to much ice-cream

Saturday we visited the annual medieval and viking festival here in Tønsberg. We decided to drop the outfits at the last moment due to talks of rain, but the weather did hold. The kids had a blast, with my son Niklas testing out his bow and arrow, and Sunniva went berserk with her wooden sword and sadly knocked out a few kids — but mostly herself. After a few apologies and dad accidentally “losing” the wooden sword during lunch, everything calmed down and we watched the ritual slaying of a paper dragon, the kings men and his troops — and then an all out viking music and dance festival.

Sunni ready for battle

Sunni ready for battle. The boy there have no clue what he’s getting into..

Kicking it, viking style

Kicking it, viking style

Sunday was we took the boat out to a local island (Bolærne) where the kids could play pirates, and we all did some barbecuing and let the kids run amok on apple juice. We fished for crabfish, shellfish and god knows what and had a fantastic day 🙂 We also inspected the old army depo in the middle of the mountain (about 10 minutes walk directly into the heart of the bedrock) which was pretty cool.

"Dead cow is the best dad" .. yup, that's my girl!

“Dead cow is the best dad” .. yup, that’s my girl!

Pirate bay? Tz.. beginners

Pirate bay? Tz.. beginners

Needless to say, with my wife out fighting I was exhausted by the time she came back – but exhausted in a good way. Hm.. every time I go out fighting she get’s mad. Women, go figure.. 😛

God I love Norway, there is drama and action woven into the fabric of things — and there is never a dull moment if you got the spirit for it 🙂

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