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A new designer, a new office

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Get ready for some serious action, spartan style!

Get ready for some serious action, spartan style!

Ok. This is has been a very exciting week, but also a very strange week. I feel a bit like the guy in “a hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”, that was just going down to the pub to grab a few pints – only to find himself in an alien landscape where things go topsy-turvy.

First, I got so sick of my basement office that I decided to give it to the kids – which are now painting it in all possible colors and filling it up with lego. My new home office is in a room upstairs which is much bigger and has actual sunlight. So the days when i’m working from home, i dont have to feel like i’m working on cracking the enigma machine in a british bunker somewhere near france.

Secondly, I’ve drunk far too much coca-cola, so i have to seriously get my ass back into the gym!

And third, and perhaps more important: I hate the designer in smart mobile. I never got to spend enough time on it, and having written a couple of apps with it — i lay myself down flat: it really sucks. But thankfully the Delphi community is a proverbial shangrila of cool people, so i contacted Greatis Software and they were kind enough to mail me a full version of their latest form designer. So far the tests look good (they previously hooked the window messages without any filter, so several instances of a designer in one app crashes)! Everything seems to work – and I will now test it with frames to make sure we can use it in Smart.

And yes, we are busy adding the “missing bits” to the editor as well. Things like mouse-over hints, ctrl + click lookup and the lines will hopefully (i cant promise anything) make it into the hotfix before the holiday.

But that’s not all the news, oh no — while i’m busy strangling the python at delphi – eric, primoz and andre is kicking persian butt with awesome stuff.. that I cant talk about. Since you already know about webGL support I can mention that, but if you think we’re backing down now — think again 😉

Let’s give em hell