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Exhausted, but happy

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Man what a week! You know how things build up when you have a deadline – and just at the very end things you forgotten about come back to bite you in the ass? Well this was no different. But after 20+ hours straight I got it sorted. We have had good sales with smart mobile already, without any advertising except word of mouth – so I am extremely happy. If we keep this up we can get another guy working on it and double the amount of units and updates the customers get within the calculated timeframe. And it’s going to be awesome. With any luck, we will be the first to implement metro style apps on a large-scale outside of native languages, bringing the onslaught of the VJL 1.1 with us – absorbing all the fancy new API stuff that microsoft have to offer.

And since metro allows you to call native functions .. you can link to your delphi code as well. You can use smart as a ramp, or blend the two (where smart is the online version, and the delphi dll’s are used offline). Microsoft and metro is growing on me, I must admit. After 2 years with Apple I am homesick for Windows perhaps?

Use the force luke

The ancient religion of object pascal

The ancient religion of object pascal

Which has gotten me thinking. If I by some strange accident grow 4 hands, I’ll re-implement phonegap as a C# project, and kill two birds (android and iphone native) with one stone. Perhaps even 3 since C# is the prefered language for metro apps.

I know.. I know, the fact that I actually enjoy C# side by side with object pascal these days makes me a pervert, but Miguel de Icaza did it so well. And he is a really cool guy (don’t worry, I’m an object pascal fundamentalist to the bitter end). I’ve only chatted with him once but he really is a nice dude and his work is outstanding. I’m allergic to microsoft’s vision of C# and the CLR but Miguel brings the “magic” of the open-source hacker scene into the equation – and that resonates with me. You either have that creative, intense energy or you don’t. There is no point trying to explain it in rational terms because there is nothing rational about it. You must create. It’s a part of you.

Commander of the northern legions

Also, I’ve started on the command line compiler for Smart Mobile. I have had a prototype running for a while now, which (drumroll) also works fine on the mac. It’s going to be even cooler when I isolate the RTL files in a single zip. This really is a feature delphi should have had years ago. By housing the RTL in a zip, we can have many different RTL’s without much fuzz. For instance the metro system will require a fair bit of re-design in the forms department – but the user wont have to worry about it. And in the future, should an old project surface — just pick the right RTL zip to compile with, and your are home free. Also a lot easier to use the compiler anywhere when it’s just 2 files. A zip for the RTL and the command line compiler. On the mac it’s even simpler – because I stuffed the RTL into the app folder – so it’s just a single file.

I’m also very impressed by Andre Mussche’s work. He took on smart mobile from the get-go and did things few people imagined it could do. Huge fan of this guy. I’m so looking forward to checking out his remobjects to smart mapper. I love remobjects remoting system and use it as much as possible. Connecting remobjects to smart is the perfect match. Unprecedented server control meets equally limitless client control. It’s gonna make the native javascript solutions look like lego in comparison.

Well, better fire up the grill. We have finally finished the 17 of may celebrations (liberation day), with parades for the children and an unholy amount of sugar. So I’m looking forward to kick back with a good steak, an ice-cold Guinness and my wonderful wife and children. I can hardly remember the last time I had a day off so this is going to be great (apart from the slight cold I got yesterday).

Oh and I finally reached level 36 in Battlefield (yeej!). I find that games is an excellent way to exercise the problem solving muscles of the brain. It might look primitive but it’s great fun and requires some intuition. When you face 8 level 50 gamers by yourself – you really have to use every trick in the book to survive. You either evolve some interesting improvisations (if you have the patience to succeed) or you give up. I never give up, and always win in the end. Good game and good fun!