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Finally, it is done

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Submission.. now that's gonna be a problem

Submission.. now that’s gonna be a problem

Let me paint a mental picture for you: working from you wake up until you fall asleep, for 12 months straight. Driven completely by the will to reach a goal. That has been my life for the past year.

Think big brother is rough? Try working from home during a Norwegian winter. It takes a fair bit of discipline and stubbornness to actually poll through.

Today we finally finished version 1.0 of smart mobile studio, and I can (after a year in exile, or so it feels) dismantle my home office and return to normal hours. I never thought I would see the day when I was looking forward to spending time in the office, but after a whole year working from home, with only random status meetings, it’s going to feel so good getting up in the morning, working out – and then heading for work. Right now my sleep cycle is in sync with australia I think (in other words: topsy turvy). That my wife havent killed me in my sleep during this period of time is beyond me, the woman is a saint.

But one thing you can bet your life onĀ  – I keep my promises. I promised it could be done if we decided on a goal – and I have done it. Not by myself, not because I am special, but because the Delphi community have all the resources it needs to rock the world right under it’s very nose.

Now I’m going to sleep for 4 days