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Pixelrage C# version?

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Please let me underline that when i write “C#” I do not refer to the Microsoft version of that system. It is wholeheartedly mono, the full creation of Miguel de Icaza. In fact I find the Microsoft limitations (like not being able to compile to a single .exe binary) bordering on the offensive. Miguel did the work of porting it, promoting it and making it a reality – so he deserves the credit for it.

Et tu brutus?

But yes, it is true. I did spend a week or two converting the foundation of pixelrage to C# (codename sharpdraw). It’s naturally not a full implementation, but we only needed to blit graphics around on the iPhone. So all in all just a DIB (device independant bitmap) and the pixel writers. Porting the rest is a piece of cake.

C# is a toy compared to Delphi

C# is a toy compared to Delphi

The sourcecode has been moved to the pixelrage repository on google: